40 Things In My 40th Year : Update Week 1

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the 40 things I am planning to do in 2018 – my 40th year.  40 has always been one of those numbers that both terrifies and enthuses me. On the one hand – how on earth did I get to 40? But on the other, somehow 40 feels like I am now officially a proper grown up.  So, I am determined that this year I will make a difference in as many ways as I can – and obviously 40 ways seems to be the right number.  Well, a week into 2018, here is my update on how things are going so far.

40 Things In My 40th Year Update

#1 Buy a house

At the very top of my list for this year was to buy a house.  We have been living in rented accommodation since we met over 10 years ago, and we spend a lot of time talking about how much we want to own our own house.  The biggest issue, which is the same for pretty much all first time buyers I know, is that we were really struggling to get the deposit together.  The even bigger issue was that, the longer we left it and the more stuff (and children) we accumulated, meant that every year we were needing a bigger house and therefore a bigger deposit.  Bit of a catch 22.

However, just after Christmas I was delighted (actually read completely and utterly shocked) to discover that I was actually owed some money from previous PPI I had had.  I had honestly thought the whole PPI thing was a bit of scam, but in September 2017 decided that I wouldn’t lose anything for applying and seeing what happened.  And what happened was a huge windfall of cash from 3 previous loans I had had. To say I was amazed is the understatement of the century!

It has meant though that we now actually have the deposit for a house and so we have started looking. We really want to be in by June as that is when the rent contract for our current house comes up, so we are definitely needing to move.  

It looks as though Number 1 on the list will actually come true this year!

#2 Lose 4 stone in weight

I have been overweight for half of my life – in fact for almost exactly half of my life!  I went to university in 1996, starting eating absolute rubbish every day, and the weight went on….and stayed on.  I have, over the years, dieted here and there, sometimes losing and sometimes gaining in a matter of weeks – and all the time being unhappy with the status quo.  

This year I am absolutely DETERMINED to get it cracked.  It’s almost a go big or go home kind of moment.  Not only that, but we recently saw research which demonstrated how a strict low calorie diet helped 42% of people on it lose weight and reverse their Type 2 Diabetes.  Paul has Type 2 Diabetes, and we’ve decided that this is the year to see if we can, if not reverse it, at least help reduce the issues he has with it.  So we are both following a low calorie diet for 20 weeks.  

One week in and I’m delighted to report that he has lost 9lbs and I have lost 5lbs and we are both feeling GOOD!  

#5 Go to a family festival and camp

Back in 2016, we made the decision to go to the Good Life Festival and stay in a hotel nearby.  We’d never been to a festival before and we all really enjoyed it.  The kids loved the freedom it gave, and we got to listen to speakers we wouldn’t normally hear and do ‘back to nature’ type of activities.  It was so much fun, but it was still quite adult based.  So I wanted to do something similar but that is much more geared to kids and families – so this year we have bought tickets to Camp Bestival!!

I’ve read loads of blogs about going to it, and after asking in my most favourite Facebook Group of them all (the wonderful Revolution Inner Circle run by the fab Aby from @youbabymemummy), I took the plunge and have bought tickets for all 4 days.  I LOVE that you can buy they over a period of months so the expense doesn’t seem so terrifying – but I’ve yet to sort out camping.  However we are well on our way!

#12 Start a bullet journal

I had heard so much buzz last year about bullet journals but I was reluctant to go ahead and set one up as the ones I’ve seen on Pinterest are so beautiful, and believe me, my art skills are just not that up to it!! But I spent a few months looking into it and realised that you don’t need to be the world’s greatest artist – and in fact there are stencils (amazon aff link) that you can purchase for about £7 from Amazon which really help with the design.

I duly put them onto my wish list for Christmas and my wonderful in-laws all bought me bullet journals, pens and stencils to get going. And I’m loving it!!! It’s a really lovely way to keep a diary/notebook/to do list – and so much more fun that just writing on lined paper!

#15 Watch a new film a month

This was always going to be the hardest one to crack as I really struggle to sit down and watch anything for any length of time. There are always so many more exciting things I can be doing.  However, last Tuesday I managed to go out out (!) with my gorgeous friend Michelle from Bertie Blue Crafts and we went to see Pitch Perfect 3.  

I do so love a good musical number, and there wasn’t a lack of these in the film.  It is a real light hearted, fun and sassy film with plenty of laughs and great music – which is surely all that a person needs from a film on a cold January Wednesday.  Even better than that, we discovered that our local cinema does tickets for £5 on a Tuesday and Wednesday night – what a bargain. 

I’m so determined that this is one that I’ll crack, that I’ve put out for a babysitter for the first time since the kids came home, and had loads of great recommendations – so that’ll be date night for us once a month which will be wonderful!

That’s not too shabby for the first week is it?? I’m hoping to crack #14 Read a new book a month, this month by reading Mythos by Stephen Fry (another one of my fab Christmas presents) and #17 Sending birthday cards on time is heading the right way too with all relevant dates being added to my new family calendar.

I’d love to know if there are things that you are attempting to do this year and how you are getting on with them all!

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