There are hundreds of phobias in the world, but here are a list of the more unusual phobias.

A – Z Of The Most Unusual Phobias

Phobias aren’t really a laughing matter.  But when I discovered that the prompt for Day 16 of Blogtober17 was phobias, I immediately started to think of the unusual phobias  I’ve ever heard of. 

You know – the ones that make you say ‘Really? That’s a phobia??’.  It turns out that there are so many phobias that it’s pretty impossible to list them all easily.  After all, you can be afraid of anything – as these unusual phobias ever demonstrate!  

There are so many phobias in the world but have you heard of the most unusual ones? Here are the A-Z of some of the more unusual phobias!

Arachibutyrophobia: peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth 

I’m pretty sure I can understand this one. After all I’m not that keen on having any food that is super sticky that I can’t easily dislodge. But what makes it unusual is the specifics of ‘peanut butter’! I wonder why that and not something else!

Aulophobia: flutes 

This was such an odd one to come across – flutes! I think I could have understood it if it had been violins when people are just starting out – but flutes?? 

Cathisophobia: sitting 

I’d like to know how on earth anyone with this phobia copes with life.  Do they just stand the whole time? Is it sitting on something specific or sitting in general? So many questions!

Chronophobia: time 

This one, which initially seems like an impossible fear, actually is the fear of time passing. I guess that we all have a bit of this fear – I certainly do – so I can see how someone could develop a phobia of time passing!

Domatophobia or Oikophobia: houses or being in a house

The question here is – where do you live if you have a fear of houses or being in a house? I guess in a caravan or tent or on a boat. But this must be a seriously difficult fear to have!

Epistemophobia: knowledge 

This fear can be very double edged as not only do sufferers avoid books, conversations, TV and anything where they might learn something, it also causes them to then develop social anxiety!  

Euphobia: hearing good news 

People who fear good news tend to live in very chaotic lives and surround themselves with negativity.  The fear seems to stem from hearing good news that isn’t actually true – for example being told they have won the lottery but the date being wrong.  I can see that would be disappointing but I’m not sure it would cause me to never want to hear good news again!

Geniophobia: chins 

I am at a loss as to how someone with a fear of chins or a fear of knees (see below) can even walk out of their door each day!  I guess Summer time must be a complete nightmare for them! 

Genuphobia: knees 

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: long words

Whoever came up with the name for this phobia had a real sense of humour! That’s all I have to say about that!

Ideophobia: ideas 

People who suffer from this are actually suffering from a phobia of ‘new’ ideas.  So they choose to live in a ‘comfort zone’ where nothing changes and nothing new is introduced to them.

Metrophobia: hatred of poetry 

Not altogether surprisingly, a lot of people develop this phobia in school and it’s surprisingly common.  it tends to be based around the idea that poetry is something that is merely made up of meter and verse which makes a large number of people so uncomfortable that they can’t even bear to read a greetings card!

Nomatophobia: names 

I’m not sure how you would develop a fear of names, and whether this is names of every day objects or just names of people and places, but it definitely sounds like one of the most unusual phobias out there.

Optophobia: opening one’s eyes 

This is actually a much scarier phobia than at first it seems.  It’s basically a fear that if you open your eyes then someone will come and remove them after attacking you.  Since reading that, I almost don’t want to open my eyes either!

Papaphobia: the Pope 

This is a very unusual fear and there aren’t many people that suffer from it. Although I’m guessing that there aren’t that many people who come in contact with the Pope on a regular basis.  This usually triggered by a trauma involving the Pope.

Phronemophobia: thinking 

This fear doesn’t tend to be a fear of thinking in general but more a fear of what you might think – unbidden.  Thoughts that pop into their head around unthinkable things that make the sufferer believe they might actually carry out the actions!

Scriptophobia: writing in public 

This affects more people than you might realise.  It can manifest itself to the extent that the sufferer doesn’t want to fill in paperwork in a bank or sign a signature on a cheque!

Sophophobia: learning

This unusual phobia sometimes comes from the belief that learning causes lack of success – which although to most of us is the absolute opposite of what learning does – can then cause sufferers to avoid school altogether.

Verbophobia: words  

This unusual phobia can come from a few places.  First might be someone who has never learnt to read and feels stigma surrounding this.  They then do their best to avoid all types of words so that they don’t have to face up to their lack of reading.  Secondly this can come from someone accidentally reading something they weren’t supposed to – for example reading a medical chart which indicates a incurable disease and telling the patient about it, therefore causing others to blame them for the upset caused!

Zemmiphobia: the great mole rat 

Out of all the phobias listed above, this has to be the most unusual phobias that I have come across. A mole rat is a species of naked rat that looks and acts like a mole and are native to Africa. This phobia can either develop, as with a fear of snakes or spiders, from a traumatic event with a mole rat, or because of it’s unusual looks.

So there we have it – an A-Z (missing out a few letters) of the most unusual phobias around.  Do you suffer from any of these or have you heard about any other unusual ones? I’d love to know so drop me a comment to tell me!

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