Unique Ways To Spread The Magic

On the Fifth Day of Parenting – Unique Ways to Spread the Magic

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Christmas is about presents but it's also about so much more. If you've been thinking about how to do a little more this Christmas, we've got you covered. Click through for some great unique ways to spread the magic this holiday.

Unique Ways To Spread The Magic

In recent years, certainly for us, Christmas has become so much more than all about the presents.  When I was a child, our focus was very much on the receiving, but in today’s world, I think that the focus is becoming so much more about giving rather than getting – which is exactly the world I want my children to grow up in!

As regular readers will know, we adopted our two children 2 years ago, so this will be the 3rd christmas they have spent with us.  For the last 2 years we have been building our own family traditions, but now the children are that bit older, we have spent the last few months thinking about how we, as a family could spread the Christmas magic a little further!


So I reached out to some fellow parents and bloggers for their ideas on unique ways to spread the magic – and I’ve been overwhelmed with their lovely traditions which ensure that Christmas isn’t just about getting!

Vicky from Family Travel With Ellie says : We always try to do what we can for the homeless at Christmas. We take bedding , gifts and food for food banks to the local charity to provide to those in need. The children absolutely love to think that they have helped those less fortunate. I explain to them that these small gestures make the world of difference to these people. We also join in with the shoe box appeal , another small way for the children to feel like they are doing their little bit.  

Lianne from Ankle Biters Adventures likes to bake or buy cakes and give them to the recipients on Xmas eve and go in for a chat. 

Becky over at Mommy and Rory said : At work we’ve all made shoeboxes for the homeless and elderly. They contain things they will need like toiletries and clothes. We’ve also include a Christmas card too. It’s a lovely way of giving back to those who are less fortunate.

Hollie, from Thrifty Mum will be be taking part in #mincepiemoments in memory of MP Jo Cox to support community cohesion.

Leyla from Motherhood Diaries suggests that we head over to Oxfam’s website and buy actual items that would change people’s lives. You can buy a goat for a family for £26.00, which will help them earn a better living.

Sarah from Boo Roo and Tigger Too says: When I worked on a community hospital ward we would come in and decorate the ward whilst the patients were asleep. To see their faces when they woke up in the morning was beautiful. We also wrapped them up a present each year to open on Christmas morning.

Lauren from Dilan and Me said that last year they did a whole random acts of kindness advent calendar, including candy cane bombing a car park, leaving a lottery ticket out for someone to find, smiling at a stranger etc!

Jenni over at The Bear and The Fox says : I signed all of us up to take part in a Christmas themed charity fun run – good opportunity also to talk to the kids about other kids less fortunate them then (the charity we are fundraising for grants wishes to children with life threatening illnesses). 

Nicky over at Spinnin Plates had a wonderful story to tell about her unique ways to spread the magic:  I have always used my money saving ways to benefit both myself and others. An example of this was I was saving Tesco’s Clubcard points to save for MFI vouchers to enable us to purchase a kitchen for a quarter of the regular price.
An offer came along to get a large number of points on Birds Eye Beef in Gravy! How could I resist!

I phoned our local store to order a very large number of these, which I understand to most is incredibly unusual! I then called our local homeless centre. They were delighted with my offer of several trolleys of food and we met in tescos car park to “do the deal”!! They fed all the homeless Christmas Lunch with my donation. There’s always ways to give back, even in the strangest of circumstances!

Victoria from Starlight and Stories does a Christmas Eve box and this year has got it from Cancer Research, as she says it’s making memories whilst helping others hold onto their loved ones a little longer.

Emma from Our Fairytale Adventure says : We do something charitable each year. Last year we put together Christmas shoeboxes and this year we are buying / collecting presents for children in local women’s refuges. We are hoping to do something with Community Christmas next year and hopefully host a Christmas dinner for elderly people who don’t have anywhere else to spend Christmas. I think small acts of kindness are what are most important at Christmas.

Pete, over at Household Money Saving explained that for the last 2 years, they have wrapped a small gift for an elderly neighbour and visited her on Christmas Eve. She lost her husband a few years ago and loves kids, so she really enjoys the company.

Angela over at The Inspiration Edit has a great, fun way to spread the magic. She says: We always become secret Elf’s and drop boxes of baby wipes on the door steps of friends with little ones and then run away before they know it’s us! It’s super fun and my daughter loves it. So far we have not been caught!

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