Potential & Functional Alternates To Standard Family Live

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Family life is one of the most amazing things you can experience. Sure, it’s not for everyone, nor should people who decide not to start a family become belittled due to that. Everyone has a right to their own decisions. But of course, that doesn’t take away from the fact that a family can be a truly wonderful thing to experience. Some of us absolutely adore the standard flow of a family home. The regularity, the love, the progression, the growth we get to witness each other go through. It all has a truly amazing effect, and when we look back, we will likely wonder where the time has gone but remain thankful we were there to experience it.


Yet some people might wish to enjoy the progression of family life more than others. Perhaps they might wish to find something a little more hands on, perhaps they’d like to give their families an alternate to the standard traditional flow of life, or perhaps life might feel a little too samey.


With that in mind, let us consider potential and functional alternatives to family life, even as a family unit. You might find use with our advice of course, but be sure to conduct your research should you wish to implement any future changes of course. Being as informed as possible is always a smart move:


Home Education


Home education can be a wondrous thing for you to engage with. Not only can it help you apply your own syllabus to a certain extent, but allow you full autonomy over how your child is taught it. There’s more freedom there. Of course, there are certain things you need to abide by, to ensure that the educational authority can verify you are teaching your child correctly. They will also inspect your home from time to time to ensure teaching is actually taking place, and will rate you accordingly.


But let us use an example to consider how wonderful home education might be for a stay-at-home parent. First, let’s say you are learning about the cosmos with your child. You teach them the planets in our solar system, and perhaps about the moon landing. The next day, you might head to an observatory or planetarium in your area. The next day, you might visit a museum with a space exhibit. The next day, you might watch a movie together regarding space, or better yet, an understandable documentary. This, with your supplementary teaching material, is sure to not only help your child learn about the facts of the matter, but find beautiful and true inspiration there. How many schools can offer this outreach, these regular trips, and hours of education that melt away due to how much fun and ability you are having? It’s a wonderful thing.


Living Abroad


Living abroad can open so much novelty to you it’s quite amazing to consider. You might find that you get a much deeper view of culture, and expose your children to that in the best light. It could also mean that you generally get to spend time in a culture you truly admire, eat its food, and allow its residency to soak into your skin. Spend enough time there, and you’ll start to talk and think like a local. If there’s any way that humans will understand each other more, it’s normalizing living and loving abroad.


Consider where you might like to go. There are many extremely worthwhile developing countries with booming business and incredible potential. For example, the Malaysia property market 2019 is expanding brilliantly, and yet is still a great investment for those wishing to move there. Not only do you get to experience some absolutely resplendent geography, but a range of hidden benefits you might not even understand just yet.




We all have our preferences when it comes to taking a holiday, but sometimes, we might wish to go against the grain a little. While it might be that the standard family affair is to book a resort in Spain or head on a cruise if you’re lucky, it might be that you wish for something a little more personal and wonderful. For example, if you have half-French ancestry, why don’t you go to France and explore the village you have records of your great-relative growing up in? Why not find more out about the culture there? A cultural holiday can often be one of the most gratifying and nourishing experiences you could ever have, and you might be quite surprised to see that’s the case.


It might also be that you wish to head abroad and engage in an activity holiday to avoid everyone laying on the beach at all times. For example, forest retreats can often be a fantastic mixture of relaxing experiences and familial sports. It might be that heading on a long hiking expedition with your mature children could provide you a wonderful experience.


Your vacation matters, and it’s a beautiful thing to experience. A little care and attention can go a long way here when it comes planning it. But if you exercise that, you might consider possibilities that are much more than the ‘obvious options.’ After all, some of the fun is in the consideration.





Sometimes you don’t need the fanciest and most extraneous efforts in order to provide something a little novel for your family. You might exercise that in the kitchen. If you have time, making cultural cuisine, finding new recipes, and trying new foods something that your family takes pride in will allow everyone to keep their mind open to trying new things, and can help everyone involved feel more independent and open when it comes to sourcing their food.


You might have noticed in this post that despite offering differing options to the standards expected of most families, we do not denigrate tradition. You shouldn’t think your family is only ‘valid’ or ‘worthwhile’ should it conform to these standards.


But with these tips, we hope you may consider expanding your horizons.


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