Outdoor birthday party ideas

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

Tis the season for BBQs and outdoor birthday parties. Pack away the tablecloths and get out the picnic blankets, it’s time to make the most of the great outdoors for your next kids birthday party. While you think of a theme, you can also create your own party amusement package and arrange some cool entertainment like monster slides, bouncy castles, tents and even a climbing wall.


Outdoor birthday party ideas


A Mad Hatters Garden Party


Everyone has fallen in love with Alice in Wonderland, and most of us love a good old tea party too. This one is super sweet and works for many age groups. Jam sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, mix and match cups and saucers. Rather than set a big table, lay out a big picnic blanket and set it all up. If you have an outdoor bench, this works well too. Alice’s Ice-cream, edible flowers and of course triangle shaped cake make the perfect treats.


Treasure Hunters


Paint lots of garden rocks gold and hide them around the garden. Pick up a few small prizes for the kids who find the most rocks, and a pack of medals from your local Poundland to give to everyone who took part. You can also hand out pirate eye patches too! As for food, you could opt for ‘nuggets’ of gold (chicken or veggies nuggets) or a seafood feast – Fishfingers, cod nuggets, and The Captains Fingers (veggie sticks or fries). For games try ‘The Cannon Ball’. Fill a water balloon with water and get the kids to throw the ball to each other until it pops! The person who gets wet is out, and the game carries on till there is one winner.

You can also make maps and hide Booty Chests in the garden filled with share packets of sweets or other nibbles.


The Wild, Wild West


Pin the tail on the stallion, cowboy hats, and a big old BBQ. Pick up some sheriff badges for all the kiddos that will be arriving and see if they’d mind wearing a check shirt and jeans. Set up a watering hole, and serve up some Country Lemonade and Hot Diggity Dawgs (hot dogs but with a cooler name). You can pick up some hobby stick horses from your local The Works for a snip at between £5-£10.


Woodland Wonderland


For nature-loving kids, this one is straightforward and probably the cheapest to accomplish. Hide some fairies, gnomes, toadstools and other magical creatures all over the garden. Serve some tasty Fairy Fruit Kebabs and Gnomish Nibbles (fruits, veggies and crackers). For activities, you can make woodland animal masks, or bird/bug houses. Print out a Nature Spotters list, with around 20 or so items that the kids can hunt for in the garden.


While it can be very tempting to go OTT for birthday parties, kids tend to have fun regardless. So use a few themed props, turn apples into cannonballs and let their imagination do the rest for you. It will be a party they’ll remember for years to come and so will you! Don’t give in to the perfect party pressure, instead plan something relaxed and fun – you can’t lose!


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