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On the Third Day of Parenting: Keeping The Family Occupied.

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Wondering about activities over the holidays for keeping the family occupied?  Click through for some fab, low cost ideas - guaranteed to keep them occupied!

Keeping The Family Occupied

As lovely as it is having the whole family off together over the Christmas period, it can seem like an almost impossible task to find ways of keeping the family occupied.  One wants to play on his gaming system, another wants to play party games, a third is desperate to watch TV and someone else just wants to go for a walk!  How on earth do you keep them all occupied?

Well, no worries as we are here to save your sanity, with lots of cheap and cheerful ideas for keeping the family occupied this holiday season!

1.  Go for a walk and collect fir cones.  A quick and easy holiday craft that always looks great is fir cones spray painted with a metallic paint. You can go further and add glitter round the top for a more festive look.  Collect lots and string them together for a lovely bunting going down the staircase or gather them around the bottom of the tree for a rustic Christmas look.

2. Colouring.  You can’t go wrong with a bit of colouring and with these fun, cute Christmas images from The Purple Pumpkin blog the whole family will enjoy colouring them in. 17 pages of different characters will keep the whole family entertained for an afternoon, if not longer!

3. Make paper planes!  There is guaranteed to be a whole heap of paper left over from Christmas Day – so instead of recycling it immediately, put it to one side and challenge the family to make a paper plane.  If the weather is good, get outside and see who can throw the furthest!

4. Play Pooh Sticks.  From the famous Winnie the Pooh – take the children on a walk, find a bridge over a stream and drop sticks on one side and see who’s comes out first on the other side.  This can last for hours if you have enough sticks!

5. Reuse and recycle! After the big day, there’s bound to be a whole heap of cardboard boxes left over! Grab the paints and an old shirt and head into the garden (wrapped up warmly if it’s cold!) and get designing.  Junk modelling can be so much fun and everyone can chip in to help.

6. Go camping.  Bear with me here – I know it’s winter – so go camping indoors! If you have a mini tent, set it up in a dining room or conservatory – stock it full of books, games, torches and bedding and let the little ones camp out to their hearts content! Don’t forget to provide the snacks.

7. Good old fashioned board games.  In recent years board games seem to have gone out of fashion, but they are on their way back in.  You might be surprised that your children don’t remember how to play Snakes and Ladders, or that they’ve never played snap.  Think back to your childhood and get those memories building for your children as well.

Seven easy and cheap as chips ways to keep the whole family entertained over the festive period!

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