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Welcome to my first post in the month of Blogtober run by Hex Mum Plus 1! Yep, you read that right! Throughout the month of October, bloggers across the UK (and probably beyond) are taking part in a daily blog post, handily called Blogtober.  There will be a post once a day, focussed around a particular prompt, and today’s prompt is ‘All About You’.  So, here goes!

Day 1 of Blogtober. All about The Newby Tribe and our story through adoption to make our ready made family.

Our little Tribe consists of 4 of us.  Myself, Paul, Little Miss (who is currently 7) and Little Sir (currently 5, although the way he talks you’d swear he was about 25!).  We also are owned by two of the most gorgeous 14 week old kittens, named after a long few weeks, as Monty and Maggie.

So far, so normal.  But, our little family wasn’t come by in the ‘normal’ way.  In 2011, Paul and I got married and decided to try for a family immediately.  Several years, and far too many intrusive tests later, we came to the conclusion that Mother Nature just didn’t have that plan for us. So, we turned to adoption.  You can read about our adoption story here, but in a nutshell, we spent a year talking to social workers and jumping through hoops, and in July 2015, our children came home.

Before the children, I was a Primary Headteacher.  I have to be honest and say that I genuinely loved my job.  I had the privilege to work with some wonderful teachers and teach some wonderful children.  To go into work and know that you are making a difference is the best feeling in the world.  But, when the children came home, we decided that it was right for our little family that I stay home with them.  The children needed to have the security of knowing I was always there to pick them up. They knew that someone would always be there for sports days, assemblies, special meetings and all the other events schools put on.  Until they came home, the children hadn’t always had someone there, and this made such a difference to them settling down.

About a year ago now though, I realised that I really did need to use my brain again. I love the children to pieces but I am just not the kind of mum who can spend hours playing with them.  I needed to find ‘me’ again, and have something that was just mine.  Hence ‘The Newby Tribe’ was born, and my sanity was restored.

Through blogging, I’ve not only found myself again, but I’ve also found the most wonderful group of supportive bloggers who, although we’ve never met, I can count as friends.  This is all thanks to Aby Moore from YouBabyMeMummy, who has set up and runs the groups – and without whom I’d probably still be bumbling around the internet having no idea what I was doing!

Aside from work, we do love to do things together as a family.  We are both so aware that the children have missed so much over the first few years of life, and we are doing everything we can to fill in the gaps. So we try to get out and about with new adventures as often as possible. We’ve done everything from festivals, to National Trust properties, to nature walks and theme parks.  Both the children are beginning to develop their own interests.  Little Sir is fascinated by dinosaurs (seriously – I’ve never met another 5 year old who can talk about them in such details), and is just beginning to be interested in Space.  Little Miss is a little harder to read, but she does love, love, love theme parks – the bigger the rides the better.  She is definitely an adrenalin junkie!

So, in a nutshell, that’s a little bit about our story.  You can read a bit more about us over on the ‘About Me’ page.  Tomorrow, on Day 2 of Blogtober, I’ll be chatting all about our potentially exciting new chapter to expand our family a little more!


  1. Lovely reading all about you, such a lovely story to tell. The kittens are just adorable, what a perfect addition to your family.

    1. Author

      Aren’t they just adorable! I literally get nothing done because I spend the whole time playing with them 🙂

    1. Author

      Aren’t they just!! I literally do nothing but play with them all day – they are at their most adorable age 🙂

  2. Awww what a wonderful post. So heartwarming to read! I can’t wait to read more! The kitties are very cute!! ❤

  3. I’m loving finding some new bloggers through #Blogtober and looking forward to reading more of your posts. (My four year old loves dinosaurs too – he knows way more than me!)

    1. Author

      Isn’t it terrifying when your small child knows so much more than you! In fact the other day he was having to teach me the names of dinosaurs I’ve literally never heard of! Thanks for reading 🙂 x

  4. Welcome to #Blogtober17! It’s lovely finding out more about your family, and those kittens are adorable! Cant wait to find out more during October

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