Making Money On The Side When You Are A Full Time Student

Finances are tight for most students, and you cannot expect your parents to fund your lifestyle, as well as your tuition fees and books. If you want to get some spending money, you can try different options that don’t require investments, or get together with your friends to launch a larger operation. Find out about the most suitable gigs for students below.

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The most obvious choice for students seems to be blogging. It is, however, not a set-and-forget business, and you need to be committed to your posting schedule to make it work for you. It is important to update your site regularly, and engage with your audience on video sharing sites and social media. While you don’t have to invest much money in blogging, it is time consuming. Once your site is popular, you can offer sponsored posts, or promote your favourite brand on Amazon for a commission.


Vlogging and Reviewing Products

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If you had enough of writing after submitting your last written assessments, you can also opt for vlogging. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop with a video camera, and you can start talking to your target audience about whatever interests you. Become a college advisor, or share quick beauty tips in your videos, and once you have built your reputation, you can start promoting affiliate products for commission.

Online Surveys

It is unlikely that you will get more than beer money of online surveys, but they can supplement your income. Look for sites that are suitable for your age and lifestyle, so you are more likely to get accepted, and can fill out multiple surveys a week. Some sites will filter participants, and you will need to be working full time, or own your house to qualify.

Crafts and Personalised Items

If  you are a creative person, you can set up an online store selling your custom jewellery or crafts. You can get in touch with wedding planners, and local restaurants to display your offers on their site. If you end up securing a larger order, you might want to team up with your friends and share the costs and profits. If you cannot finance the order, you can ask for a deposit, or apply for merchant cash advance loans, offering you short term finance until you get paid for the order.

Gig Economy

You might have already heard of sites like Fiverr, allowing you to sell small gigs to other people. You can offer narration, drawing, or even product reviews online, and get paid a few dollars for each gig. While only a few people have managed to get a decent income out of these sites, they are great for getting some extra cash to spend on a Friday night.


When you need more cash than you have to go out and socialise, you can start a blog, website, or even your own video channel to supplement your income. Get creative, and find opportunities that suit your busy lifestyle and lesson plan.

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