Living Arrows

Living Arrows #5

Living Arrows is a lovely photo series hosted by Donna over at What The Redhead Said which is all about celebrating childhood. As the poet Khalil Gibran wrote:

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”

I’m enjoying taking lots of photos of the children, and it is only when I look back over them that I notice the little things that I didn’t see at the time.  The determination, or resilience or absolute joy that can be fleeting moments, but oh so precious.

Living Arrows

This weekend we headed over to Skegness to spend a little time on the beach. We have always lived almost in the middle of the country, so to go to the beach was a day out.  However, since moving to Lincolnshire, we are now about 50 minutes from the sea!  When we asked Little Sir what he wanted to do this weekend, his first thought was ‘let’s go and make sandcastles!’ So even though it was freezing, we dressed up warm and headed to the sea. The absolute delight on his face when he saw the sand, and realised that we had remembered to bring buckets and spades with us was an absolute joy to behold.  I love how the small things can make such a huge difference to a 4 year old!  He was determined to make a sandcastle – regardless of how cold and wet the sand was.  He is definitely turning into a determined little chap!

Living Arrows

My second photo is of Little Miss on the beach. She is very much a girly girl – and decided to wear a skirt even though we were heading to the seaside!  She’s very much not keen on getting her hands dirty, but I was delighted to see that she threw herself into the beach as much as Little Sir.  I love this photo as it says so much about her.  She didn’t want to get her gloves or her clothes sandy, so she was rather delicately attempting to make mini sandcastles whilst barely touching the sand! She did a pretty good job in the circumstances!



Living Arrows


  1. I love that despite the cold they both had such a great time at the beach – and their personalities are so different too aren’t they?! x

    1. Author

      They are like chalk and cheese! And it amazes me that my 4 year old is like me and my 6 year old is like her dad, even though they are not biologically ours! Goes to show that nurture can do at least as much as nature! x

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