Living Arrows #17

Living Arrows #17

Living Arrows is a lovely photo series hosted by Donna over at What The Redhead Said which is all about celebrating childhood. As the poet Khalil Gibran wrote:

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.”

I’m enjoying taking lots of photos of the children, and it is only when I look back over them that I notice the little things that I didn’t see at the time. The determination, or resilience or absolute joy that can be fleeting moments, but oh so precious.

Living Arrows #17I just love this photo of Little Sir.  He is finding so much sheer enjoyment in life at the moment – even something as little as catching bubbles in Ikea makes his weekend just wonderful!  He loves to move and rarely sits still, so having the chance to jump and twirl and dance in the middle of a shop was utter perfection.  And thankfully it also came at the beginning of our shop, so he was in a great mood all the way round – almost unheard of these days unless we are in a toy shop!! 

Little Miss has struggled, over the past few years, to find the things that she is interested in. We’ve tried all sorts of things from jigsaw puzzles to games to dolls with little success. However, recently she has developed an interest in Lego. She likes to be able to use her imagination and build gardens and car parks – she can spend hours immersed!  She was so proud of her recent ‘garden’ sculpture which she made for Little Sir!

We’ve got an exciting week ahead planned, so hopefully I’ll have some lovely photos to share with you next week!

Living Arrows


  1. I love how you’ve captured those little moments this week. His face with the bubbles is amazing – such happiness and determination! x

  2. That’s an impressive garden lego sculpture.

    It’s nice to see someone else writing about primary years. I do a weekly #SchoolDays linky if you have a post to link up – it opens on Sundays.

    1. Author

      I’ll definitely link to #SchoolDays! :). Thanks for reading x

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