For The Love Of Kittens!

We are onto Day 12 of Blogtober17 run by the fabulous Hex Mum Plus One – and today’s prompt was ‘Love’.
I thought long and hard about what to write today – I could write about how worried I was that I wasn’t going to be able to love my children as much as if they were birth children (I definitely didn’t need to worry about that it turns out!)

I could have written about my wedding day and how it was the absolute best day of my life at that point.

I could have written about the love I feel for the wonderful people around me, and how lucky I am to be surrounded by some of the most fabulous people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

There were so many ideas – so, after a lot of soul searching I decided to write about the love that is currently all consuming for me.  

The love I feel towards my kittens! After all, who wouldn’t want to see a post full of adorable kittens???

Originally we decided to name the kittens Blue and Pink – one because they had deep blue eyes and the other because Little Sir decided Pink was a good name for a girl kitten.  Thankfully, after a few days of realising that I just couldn’t call ‘Blue’ and ‘Pink’ in the garden, we settled on Margaret and Montgomery – which quickly became shortened to Maggie and Monty – perfect names for these little kittens!

We decided to get our two little Maine Coon cross kittens when we discovered that our beautiful tabby cat, Tinkerbell, had FISS – a type of cancer that was incurable.  She’d been with us for almost 6 years – since she was a tiny rescue kitten, and it was so unbelievably heartbreaking to lose her so early on in her life. 

We had a good few months with her where we got to say goodbye and give her loads of love and cuddles, but towards the end we starting thinking about our other cat, Boots, who had never lived as an only cat.  After talking it all through, we made the decision that we would get a kitten and, after searching online for a reputable breeder, we found our gorgeous kittens!

They genuinely bring such utter delight to our lives.  They have delightful personalities! Monty is like a little meerkat – he spends his whole time with his head cocked to one side, watching and listening – then often pouncing on a piece of lego that takes his fancy!  Maggie is the intelligent one – she knows what she wants and definitely doesn’t hesitate to boss me around until she gets it!

So there you have it – my love for my adorable kittens.  They keep me company in the day and are really, REALLY chatty – Maggie is incredibly demanding when she wants something – and I am just loving it!  As are the kids – Little Sir will do everything he can to kiss them as much as possible and Little Miss has discovered that if she sits really still, they will climb into her lap and happily fall asleep!

Really, is there anything else as wonderful, innocent, delightful and playful as two kittens? We feel very lucky to have them!

Blogtober17 is the month of October where the challenge is to write one blog post a day around different prompts. If you liked this one, you might like 25 hilarious jokes for 5 year olds or the best advent calendars around!


  1. I am so jealous of your kittens. I grew up with cats and we had two cats. But when we moved last year the two of them ran away unfortunately. We had a kitten since but it didn’t go down well with the kids. They are too young for it just yet so the brother in law has it in the meantime. I am cat less the first time which feels weird. #blogtober

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