• Little Sir would very much like some battle tanks.  As you nodded when he met you at the farm this weekend, he is feeling super confident that he may receive his wish.  Mummy and Daddy are a little less certain as they have literally no idea what on earth battle tanks are/where to buy them/if they even exist!
  • Little Miss would like – in her words – ‘a cot which can turn into a bed which has sides which come off which the baby doll can sleep in which the big doll can sleep in’.  I hope you got that one?!? Thankfully Mummy and Daddy know exactly what she is talking about as the idea ‘may’ have been planted in her mind when she was talking about a bed for her dolls!
  • Daddy would very much like his whole Amazon wish list. Unfortunately Daddy has forgotten that he is now a grown up and, as much as he would like 42 different items (including playstation games, star wars figures and random bags) Mummy has already said that if any more rubbish arrives to clog up the new house, then they will be having words!
  • As for Mummy. Well Mummy is the hard one.  There is very little that she would actually like, gift wise. What she would like is the magic of the season to be more important than the presents. She would love for the children to be more aware of others and to bring the joy that we feel to as many people as we can. Really she would like Christmas this year to be filled with fun, laughter, love, family and friendship. That is more than any gift could ever be and more than she could ever wish for.

We really hope that you can help fulfil our wishes (and seriously if you can give us some help on the battle tanks, Mummy and Daddy would be VERY grateful!).  We will be baking mince pies just before Christmas Day so don’t forget to look out for them by the side of the fire, along with a carrot for Rudolph. Have a safe journey across the world – we will be watching as you pass across the moon on Christmas Eve.

With love

From The Newby Tribe