Cleaning Guidelines For LVT : More Than Just Soap and the Glory

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There are many misconceptions on how to clean and maintain luxury vinyl flooring, and not every bit of advice is fully accurate.

Its always worth discussing with your supplier on any guides they may have for their particular brand. However, due to vinyl being that little bit more durable than other flooring options, here we can divulge some of the safe options to cleaning your floor and what to avoid without proper investigation into its effects.


The Household Items


First of all, LVT can be cleaned utilising the usual household cleaning appliance.

A regular mop, non-suction vacuum and a broom will not affect your flooring. Microfiber cloths and liquid cleaning solutions are also a welcome cleaning option. However, you need to think about certain items that could damage the surface of your flooring; especially metal bristle brushes and steel wool.

Although LVT has a thicker layer and anti scratch technologies, it can only handle so much. This also means not soaking your floor with water or leaving puddles for long periods of time. Clean them straight away.


Quick Step After Installation


It’s important not to clean your floor straight away, especially if you have tiles just put down.

Clean away the leftover adhesive around the tiles straight away but the main bulk of the floor should be left for around 48 hours to set it place, ensuring no water can upset the work already done. From there make your first pass with a dry sweeping or dust mop.

Your next step after 48 hours is to use a microfiber mop and a ready to use liquid cleaner diluted with the proper amount of water. Remember to rinse that mop often to do away with any contaminants.

Whatever you do, do not apply water straight to the floor. Use your cleaning products to do the work.



Keeping on Top of it


This will all come down to how much traffic your room gets over the course of a day, but regular cleaning is a necessity to keep a clean floor. No floor looks after itself.

Dry dust is easily removable with a mop or brush and can be done in less than a minute each day. More stubborn things like dirt trampled in from outside will require a wipe and quick clean with warm soapy water. Again, no soaking the floor no matter how bad it looks like it needs it.

If you do have to use a scrubber then opt for a non-abrasive to reduce the risk of scratching the floor deeply. For furniture fixings you should look at providing them with felt pads so that scratches do not occur should they move. Even a dog jumping on the couch could leave a nasty scuff thats an eyesore every day.

Stay away from mats with rubber lining as rubber can damage vinyl irreparably. Especially avoid rubber wheels.

There are many other things that can be done to protect and maintain your vinyl, however some may differ depending on where you buy. Some suppliers may have guidebooks to help maintain the flooring that can be available upon asking, or at least have a guideline they can provide you with.

Amtico is a market leader in vinyl with many years’ experience in protecting and perfecting the safety of luxury vinyl within the home. With their knowledge at the forefront of satisfaction, they have built on decades long knowledge in how to combat threat to your floor.

Luvanto is equally a special brand in vinyl solutions with a long professional experience in the long-lasting flooring. Able to advise and guide customers on the various dangers of misleading care advice as well as offer products to combat any such tragedy in your flooring, Luvanto are a popular supplier when it comes to getting the best for your home.

Invictus brings a unique collection of vinyl planks and tiles to you from their Optimus, Maximus and Maximus Click ranges. Metropolitan room designs are timeless can be make effortlessly individual with border and layering patterns.

Always consult with whoever you buy your LVT from to ensure a long lasting and satisfactory durability.


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