Christmas dessert de-stressed

On the Fourth Day of Parenting – Christmas Dessert De-stressed

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Wondering what to have for Christmas dessert? Click through for 5 fab ideas which will see your christmas dessert de-stressed.

Christmas Dessert De-Stressed

Sorting out Christmas dinner can feel like a bit of an uphill battle.  Do you do meat? Fish? Poultry? A whole roast dinner or something slightly different? And what about a starter??  There is so much to think about – but not to worry about dessert.  Here are 5 tasty, easy ideas that will guarantee to end your meal on a high without having to put in much effort!



I’ve never been a big fan of Panettone. I’ve always found it to be a little like Christmas pudding but not as tasty.  It seemed to have quite a lot of peel in it, which I’m definitely not a fan of, so I’ve tended to avoid it.  However, recently I have been introduced to the plain version and oh what a revelation! Light, airy, delicately flavoured – an absolute delight.  This one goes right to the top of the list of ideas for after lunch.  It won’t feel heavy on your stomach, and a little bit goes a long way.

Christmas Pudding

Christmas dessert de-stressed

I know lots of people who aren’t a fan of Christmas Pudding, but it has always been one of my favourites.  We used to have it every Christmas and my grandmother would make a lemon sauce to go with it. To me it epitomises Christmas. I have made it myself a few years ago, but actually a bought Christmas Pudding tastes just as great as a home made one.  Don’t spend too long debating whether to make or buy – buy all the way, and leave yourself more time to get the main dishes sorted instead!


This would be top of the list for the man in the Newby household.  He adores any form of profiteroles – particularly home made (which would defeat the purpose of de-stressing Christmas dessert!!).  When I was asking him what we should have for dessert, he immediately suggested salted caramel profiteroles.  One of the best things about profiteroles and buying them is that, in heating up the chocolate sauce, it feels as though you have done a bit of cooking but it’s only taken a few minutes!

Chocolate Pudding

Without a shadow of a doubt, the children would chose some type of Chocolate Pudding for dessert.  In order to make this the best de-stressed dessert, there is a cheat’s way to make this! Basically you buy a chocolate cake – one with just the sponge – then get a blamange mix, make it hot and serve over the cake! Voila! Takes seconds, tastes homemade and is guaranteed to have everyone scrapping their plates!


Christmas Dessert De-stressed

I was trying to think about a dessert which would be a bit lighter and easy to slide down, but full of taste, and thought that perhaps a trifle might be the way to go.  This would be the only one that I would consider making as it is so super fast.  Ultimately you need some trifle sponges, a tin of fruit cocktail, a jelly mix, an angel delight mix and some sprinkles – the longest time will be waiting for the jelly to set but this way you can say, hand on heart, that you made it from scratch!

There  you have it – your Christmas dessert de-stressed!

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