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5 Reasons Why Bloggers HAVE to Join The Revolution Inner Circle!

18 months ago I started The Newby Tribe – quite naively I thought that this blogging lark would be easy! Surely you just write a post, pop it onto the internet and people will come flocking. And then, obviously, brands would be dying to work with me just because…well because why wouldn’t they!! 18 months later – well that’s been the hardest 18 months of my work life – but the MOST enjoyable!  Why?? Because I found The Revolution Inner Circle – and now you need it too!!

Are you a blogger looking to make your blog a business? Feeling a bit lost and alone?? i've got just the place you NEED to be! The Revolution Inner Circle! Click through for more info on the most inspirational place on the internet.

5 Reasons Why Bloggers HAVE To Join The Revolution!


Reason 1 : Blogging Business Advice and Inspiration

When I first started my blog, I knew that I wanted to run it as a business but I literally didn’t have the faintest idea where to start.  For the first year, I muddled my way through and found that I got very little traffic – in fact I look back on this time last year and I had about 14 readers a day!  I honestly was ready to give up – I didn’t think I had it in me.

What I hadn’t realised was, if I want my blog to be a business then I need to treat it as a business! Since joining The Revolution Inner Circle, I’ve learnt how to SEO my posts properly, how to use Tailwind and Pinterest to grow readers, how important an email list is (turns out VERY!!!), and how to go about building it.  I’ve learnt that I need to be consistent, to have a niche, to find my voice and to get my blogs in front of readers.  Every day I learn something new – and I can guarantee I wouldn’t have learnt any of this if I hadn’t joined The Revolution Inner Circle!


Reason 2 : Support And Coaching


Blogging, as all bloggers know, is a very lonely pastime.  We spend our days on sofas, in front of TV’s or at desks, putting our innermost thoughts out there, with no idea whether they are any good at all.  After all, friends and family tell us they like what we are writing, but can we really trust them to tell us the truth??

And what about those days when nothing goes right? When your blog is hacked, a troll is all over your Facebook page and Twitter decides that it doesn’t like you.  There is very little point telling family – they just don’t understand!

So that’s reason 2 of why you HAVE to join The Revolution Inner Circle.  Want someone who knows what they are talking about to give you a blog critique?? Need to ask a question just about your blog to someone who can help?? Trying to figure out how to use YouTube and am completely stuck?? A simple post into The Revolution Inner Circle and within a matter of minutes the lovely Aby Moore will be by your side – coaching, suggestion, supporting and getting it sorted with you. It’s like having a friend hold your hand from the other side of a computer screen!


Reason 3 : Courses And Information


Back in January 2017, I asked my husband if he would buy me Aby Moore’s Brand Work Boot Camp course for Christmas.  I had seen so many courses that I could take, but Aby seemed to me the only person who I felt was like me – a mum, managing a blog as a business whilst running a family and being real.

So he did – and I never looked back!

Aby’s courses are tip top – full of practical advice you can put into practise today and with suggestions for things that make sense and actually make a difference.  Each course (and there’s currently 3
4in total) is delivered in bite size pieces, in layman’s language and they all make sense!

Understandably, each course is a paid for course BUT if you join The Revolution Inner Circle, you get all of her courses, both past and future, included in the price.  So far I’ve undertaken The Brand Work Boot Camp, Amp Up The Volume, Blog Growth Accelerator, as well as her Facebook course Mission Master Your Mailing List.  And I can promise that every one of these has already made a huge difference to my blog.  So much so that I have recently been asked to run a blog for a large education company – all on the basis of my own blog!

the revolution inner circle


Reason 4: A Wonderful Blogging Tribe

Aside from all of the above, when I first started blogging I read that it was important to discover your own blogging tribe.  Sounds like good advice – but as a newbie – how on earth do you go about doing that??  It seemed as though bloggers all knew each other and I was on the outskirts with no way in.

Memories of  Secondary school anyone?

BUT….when I joined The Revolution Inner Circle I had an immediate, ready made tribe of some of the loveliest ladies in the world!  Every morning the first thing I do is check into the group, see who’s up to what, who needs help, what advice is being given and how everyone is doing.  We support each other not only through blogging but also through the things we are going through in our lives.  Everyone in the Inner Circle are there because we have the same goals – make our blog our business – and through that shared goal we are also sharing the ups and downs of our lives.

It’s not only online though.  In fact in a few days time I’m off to meet the wonderful Jade from MummiesWaiting, and I’m planning to get together with the fabulous Clare from Wild Mama Wild Tribe for a coffee in the New Year.  Far too often, people online remain there – but with the Inner Circle, we are becoming friends in real life too! Now that’s a tribe you need in your life!

Reason 5: Your Blog Is Worth It

Finally – I do think that your blog is worth it!  If you are determined to make your blog your business, and you want to take it further, then you deserve to put some investment into it.  After all, even with a hobby you have to spend some money to keep it going.  And your blog might be a hobby at the moment, but with a little investment, a lot of time and hard work and most of all the support and encouragement from The Inner Circle, your blog absolutely can become your business!

If you’ve liked what you’ve read so far – definitely check out the post all about The Revolution Inner Circle.  It’s only £39 a month but the value you get from being in there so so so much more!


  1. Thank you so much for writing this! I love the Inner Circle, it is family to me xxx

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