5 Easy Tips For Rainy Day Savings


We often say that we should put some money aside for a rainy day. But how often do you find that rainy days actually come around? It seems that every week it rains. Sometimes, everything happens all at once in life, and we can never catch a breath. 


The car might break down; you need to buy new kids clothes, there are days out to pay for and birthday gifts to get. Life just seems to be a constant demand on our pockets. 


So how do you actually save for these life occurrences? Here are a few top tips for putting away a little bit extra for when we need it the most.


Throw All Of Your Change In A Jar


We accumulate change in our pockets, purses and handbags. Whenever we buy something using cash, we quite often just put the change away and forget about it. The next shop we’re in, we rarely use the change that we’ve collected. 


Every day, empty out your small change into a jar or a bottle. If everyone in your household does the same, this will soon mount up. You might not have enough for a holiday, but it could buy you something handy when you need it. 


Save The Change On Your Online Banking


Some banks will round up your transactions and then put the small change into a savings account. It’s sort of the same as throwing your loose change in a jar, but you can sometimes do this with bills and online purchases too. 


Check with your bank to see whether they have this facility, or something similar. 


Have A Clearout


If your cupboards are full of things that you don’t use or need anymore, it might be time to sell them on. Think about having a yard sale, or a car boot. Or, if you don’t want to go out and sell things, why not start listing them on eBay? 


You might well have quite a bit of potential value sat around in items that you forgot you had. 


Take Lunch To Work


Buying meals out can get pricey. If you work every day and purchase lunch your break, then this rapidly mounts up. Buying bread and fillings is relatively cheap, and you can buy a week’s worth of lunch at a fraction of the amount that you probably spend on a day. 


Over time, this saving will rapidly mount up. You can move this amount into a savings account each week too so that you can see the savings rise. 


Take Advantage Of Offers


Use some clever shopping techniques. Some offers might be luring you into buying things that you don’t need. But where there are deals on things that you do need, take the deal. But only if it actually saves you money and you will use the item on offer.


Look out for money off coupons, and any make sure that you use any discount vouchers within their allotted time. Saving a small amount each time you go shopping will add up to significant savings over time. 


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