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4 Things That Confuse Me About Social Media

Sometimes, I feel so old! I know I’m only 38 but I swear, life is running away faster than ever and I am so confused by so much! Today, I woke up with a determination to get things on social media organised. I’ve been blogging for 5 months, and love it, but know there is so much more I can do. So….I started at 8am this morning feeling super excited and organised. 3 hours later and I swear I have more grey hairs than I started with. So many things on the internet are so confusing – and trying to figure out the different types of social media, what they do and how I can use them, is making my head spin! So, here are my top 4 things that confuse me about social media!


Right – I get Instagram.  OK let me clarify that sentence.  I get that Instagram is a feed of photos. Not too hard there. And I just about get hashtags – use them to get noticed! Right. It’s just – what am I supposed to be posting on Instagram?  I don’t particularly have any lovely shots of the kids (for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because they are adopted, I keep their photos off the internet as much as possible.). I don’t have cute photos of babies – and I don’t particularly have any great outdoor shots. So what does that leave me with? I could always take a photo of my feet each day – one day on the sofa, one day in bed, one day on the floor. Not exciting enough though I think! I am definitely not using Instagram well!


Now, this is where I feel worse than others.  See, my Mum loves Pinterest (even if she calls it Pininterest!!) and she completely gets it! The thing is – could someone please explain to me what ‘it’ is! What am I supposed to do?? I get that I can create boards with similar items – but for what purpose? What am I missing out on?? The other part is that people talk about ‘pinnable’ posts.  OK, I think I understand that, but how on earth do I go about it? There are lots of posts out there that say they will explain how to do it – but not one is an ‘idiot’s’ guide from beginning to end. That’s what I really need!


I’ve been using Facebook for years and years.  I have a nice little following and follow my friends.  It’s great to catch up on what they are doing and it’s my go to in the morning to see what’s happening.  I completely get that.  But how on earth do I use it for my blog?? I have a blog page on there, and I post my blog posts, but really I could just put them on my personal feed couldn’t I? After all, it’s only my friends who read my blog posts on Facebook anyway (hi to all my lovely friends that have read this far!) What am I missing?

You Tube

Hmm, I think I shouldn’t even get started on You Tube.  So, I could do a video about…..well… OK, I literally don’t have anything I could do a video about.  Perhaps, how I got up, got the kids up, sat on my laptop, played some games with them and cooked food. Riveting? Nope, didn’t think so. I love watching other people’s You Tube’s – in fact I’m a little obsessed with Katie from Mummy in a Tutu and Kelly from Bringing Up Georgia and love their You Tube videos – but I’m pretty sure I haven’t got anything to say anyone would spend time watching.

So really, unless it’s Twitter, I am in complete confusion.  I guess I’ll just keep on trying and reading as many guides as possible in the hope that, one day, it’ll all make a bit more sense.!

I’d love to know what confuses you about social media – or if you have come across or written any idiot guides – that would be fab too!

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  1. I have a Facebook blog page so that my friends can either “like it” and receive my posts or choose to not like the page and only get my status updates from my personal life. I stopped posting all my blog updates on my regular FB because some people get inundated and just want to keep up on the important stuff. It’s like all my friends who sell stuff online or coach a beach body team, I just don’t want a thousand updates a day about their workout. #EatSleepBlogRT

  2. I find Facebook really frustrating at times, I have been blocked because I was promoting my blog, but they allow me to St up a page, just for my blog??#eatsleepblog

    1. Author

      I find FB so frustrating too – it doesn’t seem to build – my only real followers are my friends (which is lovely but it’s not growing!) and it makes no sense!! x

  3. I’m with you on a lot of these hun. My FB page is growing very very slowly but I don’t actually post on my personal page. I love taking photos and put them on IG but I hate it when I feel pressure that I don’t have any ‘nice’ pics for IG. I have a youtube account as I have made some photo montage videos and some days out vlog/photo videos but I am not a vlogger. For me I felt ‘pressure’ to take part in all of these mediums to be a ‘good’ or ‘successful’ blogger but I guess it depends what your view of a successful blogger is and by chasing these mediums it makes me feel anything but successful so I have stopped. I add my new posts to FB and Pinterest and I tweet when I have time. Do what feels right to you hun. Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT

    1. Author

      Oh I so know the feeling and the pressure – and even though it’s internal pressure somehow it feels really real! I love the way you look at it – I think I will take a leaf out of your book and just concentrate on the mediums I know and understand which I’m sure will make me feel so much more competent and better! x

  4. Oh Pinterest is confusing for me too. I love Instagram though, it is my fav! I think because I love pictures, taking them and looking at others, I just followed your feed and it’s great, you have nothing to worry about! I think we can get caught up in seeing others and thinking ‘ours’ isn’t as great, or interesting, or pretty, but when we are authentic it shines through. Facebook I am not the biggest fan of as a blogger as it really doesn’t promote well, twitter is a great one though. I’m OK with Youtube, I don’t do much on Youtube but I’m there occasionally and I don’t try to promote it. I think I just stay in my own little comfort zone and don’t worry who is following me. I just do my thing and hope to inspire some people along the way xx #EatsleepblogRT

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment about my Instagram – I was pretty sure I was doing it wrong and was getting so confused! I think you are so right in your approach to blogging – I love the idea of being in my own comfort zone and seeing what happens! You’ve really cheered me up! x

  5. I have a blog page on facebook because none of my friends or family know about my blog! However, I never use it and have next to no ‘likes’, so not worth it really!

  6. Yes to all the above! I have no idea how Pinterest works. I have buttons (!?) on my posts for Pinterest, they have appeared by magic! I have a profile, but no idea how it works! Twitter is my friend, Facebook is plodding along somewhere! Instagram I used for years, so I do enjoy using that. It’s funny how we get used to things.
    Then there’s stumbleupon! What IS that!?

    1. Author

      It’s hilarious isn’t it! I literally feel like I’m often running round like a headless chicken trying to do figure out what on earth to do on each platform – and seriously – what on earth is StumbleUpon???? 🙂

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