4 Easy Ways To Refurbish A Bathroom

After a very, very, VERY long 7 months, I am delighted to announce that we are finally in our new house!  After one failed hour purchase and a lot of driving around the county, we have found our dream house and are in.  Part of me had thought that buying the house would be the hardest part, but it turns out that was only the start.  Since moving in, we have started a snagging list of all the things we want to change – and it’s long! Everything from repainting the whole house, replacing the curtains and carpets and decorating the bedrooms.  But of course, we’ve had to start with one thing, and so we’ve decided to start with refurbishing the bathrooms.


Our house has one bathroom, one ensuite and a downstairs cloakroom, and really they can all do with a bit of a refresh and a refurb.  To me, the bathrooms in a house are the most important room.  After all, we spend a surprising amount of time in them, and I really want everyone using them to feel like there is a bit of luxury and pampering in the house! So I’ve got loads of ideas about what I want to do to refurbish the bathroom, but at the moment many of them are out of our reach financially (roll top bath anyone?).  So, working to a budget, we’ve come up with 4 easy ways to refurbish a bathroom that won’t break the budget, won’t take a crew of builders but will make the world of difference!


Replace The Floor

Bathroom floors have so much wear and tear each day and can look really sad if they aren’t refreshed or kept up to date.  In fact in some houses we saw, I could date the house from the bathroom floor!  Replacing a floor doesn’t need to be expensive or take hours and is a great way to quickly update the room.  There are loads of choices for bathroom floors (although obviously NOT carpet), but the one I would always plump for is vinyl flooring. Not only is is incredible durable, but it comes in such a wide range of colours that you can always find the perfect look for your bathroom.  We are planning on going for a black and white chequered look for our bathroom, reminiscent of the 1920’s!


Replace The Toilet Seat

I was surprised by how much difference replacing the toilet seats in the bathrooms made.  Initially we thought that we would just clean them all up – but after a good few hours of trying to get cloths between screws and into all the fiddly bits, we decided to remove the seat of one toilet to see if it would be easier to clean that way.  Then really there was no going back at the point once we realised how much easier it would be to just replace them!  The best part was, for only a few pounds, each bathroom now has a brand new perfectly white seat, which has made a huge difference to each bathroom!


Change The Toilet Roll Holders

Another really easy and cheap change that has made a really big difference.  There wasn’t a lot wrong with the ones we inherited, but they were all looking a little pitted and rusty, and just a bit sad.  Having investigated a little further, we realised that they would be really easy to change and each one would cost under £10.  The thing we were most surprised about was how many different styles they came in.  We plumped for pretty standard straight ones, and they were installed within a few moments – making a big difference for only a little time and money.


Update The Colour Scheme

A really fast, and fun, way to update your bathroom is to update the colour scheme.  This needn’t be anything more than matching coloured towels, a new bath mat and maybe a toothbrush holder or two, all in complementing colours.  Too often when we move house we take our mismatched towels with us, and then wonder why the bathroom looks a little sad. Towels can be picked up really cheaply from local supermarkets, and the bathroom suddenly has a new lease of life!


So for a little money and a little time, you can refurb and refresh your bathrooms, making them feel like new, without having to go to the expensive of buying a whole new suite!


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