21 Chores You Can Do In 1 Minute

If you are anything like me, then chores will be the bane of your life.  Ever feel as though we are literally in Groundhog Day.

Pick up, tidy up, put away, clean, dust, organise. Wait for small people to come home and destroy it all. Start again the next day. Not just me right?? Click To Tweet

Since becoming a mum, I’ve realised how utterly mind numbingly boring being a stay at home mum can be.  Surely there’s got to be more to this life??? When Paul would ask what I’ve done with my day, it would be a litany of chores – but somehow I never seemed to be able to break the back of it.  Until the lightbulb moment!  I realised that I was quite often walking past things that could be completed in under a minute, but I was so focussed on the ‘big picture’ that none of them ever got done!  I discovered that, if I did the chores that could be done in 1 minute, I’d really quickly keep on top of the house and none of them ever turned into those really big ones!  Good no!!??!!  There are so many different chores that can be done in next to no time, but  here are my easiest 21 chores you can do in 1 minute.

21 Chores You Can Do In 1 Minute

21 chores you can do in 1 minute
Fill the washing machine with one load of clothes

Fluff and sort the cushions on the sofa

Take items upstairs and leave on appropriate beds

Make at least one bed

Replenish toilet roll in all bathrooms

Scrub one toilet clean

Empty the washing machine of one load of clothes into a laundry hamper

Wipe down all the sides in the kitchen

Sweep the kitchen floor

Hoover one room in the house

Wipe down the dining room table

Dust one room

Put bleach down all the toilets

Clean one bathroom sink/bath

Clean the mirrors on one floor of the house

Empty one bin

Empty the fridge of out of date food

Throw away old flowers

Pick up toys from one room

Pair and put away shoes 

Hang up coats

It really is that simple! I realised that as I was going about from room to room and just living life, if I made sure that I did some of these 1 minute chores when I was in each room, then I broke the back of the housework really quickly. Of course there will always be some really big jobs (I can’t get the ironing down to under a minute, no matter how hard I try!), but at least this way I feel as though I’m always getting things done in the day to keep the house running smoothly!

Fancy trying them out? Grab my FREE checklist of the above chores that you can print out and tick off as you go.  You’ll get a great sense of achievement when you see all the ticks at the end of each day!

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