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On the Eleventh Day of Parenting – 12 Ways Parents Can Relax This Season

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12 ways parents can relax this season.

12 Ways Parents Can Relax This Season

Christmas.  Such a wonderful time of year.  Full of joy, happiness, food, visitors……and utter exhaustion for parents as we try to ensure that every has a fantastic time!  But what about us?? 

Yes, Christmas is for the children and for family, but it’s also really important that we have time to recharge our batteries too.  After all, it’s been a long hard year, and this might be your last holiday from work for a while.  January will be along before we know it, and we need to make sure that our buckets are as full as they can be so we can power through until Spring!

So on that note, here are 12 ways parents can relax this season!


Don’t Do It All!

There is always a pressure on the host that they have to do everything on Christmas Day! However, if you are hosting, then you are definitely within your rights to ask your guests to help out.  Don’t try and do it all – pass over babysitting duties or lego building duties to one of your guests and give yourself a well deserved 20 minutes out with a warming drink. You’ll feel so much better if you can get away from the noise for a short while!



In today’s world of social proof, it can be so easy to want to have the perfect instagrammable Christmas. The picture perfect scene around the dining table with delectable food.  Well, you can easily have that! Just cheat!  One of the easiest ways to cheat is to buy in your pudding – why spend hours slaving over it when you can just as easily buy a great one from the shops.  Throw away the packaging and they’ll never know!


Be Organised!

One of the biggest sources of stress during Christmas Day, is the amount of mess that is around the house. After all, you have spent days probably making the house spic and span for relatives, and within half an hour it looks as though a present bomb has hit it!  So, from the minute the first piece of wrapping paper is removed, get the kids to pop it into a ready to go bin bag. By the time all the toys are opened, there won’t be a piece of rubbish to be seen!  Giving you more time to sit down with a cup of tea and enjoy their fun playing with their new gifts.


Take Time Out!

When the noise of the house gets a little overwhelming, grab the nearest magazine and head for the smallest room in the house.  Whilst we can’t guarantee that there won’t be little people at the door, you can almost ensure that you’ll get 10 minutes of peace as they play with their new toys.


Get Out Of The House!

What better way to relax than to go for a winter’s walk.  There’s almost nothing better than breathing in the cold air and blowing the cobwebs away.  The kids can run and shout to their heart’s content and you can get time to chat, walk or just take in the winter scenes.  


Watch A Family Film!

I’m sure there will be a glut of great family films on the TV this Christmas, and one great way to relax is to gather the whole family into the living room, put on a film, break out the chocolates and just sit back.  Not only will there be a little bit of peace and quiet, but you might even be able to get in 40 winks!


Visit Relatives!

If you are a little fed up with being the host this year, why don’t you take the pressure off and head to someone else’s house for the day (or even for a short period in the day).  You could become the guest and enjoy sitting back whilst someone else does the hosting for a little bit!


Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

There’s nothing worse than an argument on Christmas Day, and often the biggest arguments are over the TV.  Make sure you put the preparation in before hand – grab a copy of the TV listings and ask each person to highlight their must sees. Then make sure they are all programmed in, and you know what is coming up when.  Don’t forget to pick your favourite programmes too!


Screen Time!

In today’s world, we are all very aware of screen time, and making sure our children don’t spend too long looking at screens.  However, Christmas Day is a great one for relaxing these rules.  A little bit of screen time is guaranteed to give you some time and space to think and dream – at least until the battery goes dead!


Plan A Holiday!

If you are considering taking a holiday during 2018, Christmas Day is a great time to plan it.  Dreaming about white sandy beaches and days of sunshine is almost as good as meditation.  Spend time looking at photographs of different resorts and plan your ideal holiday!  It’ll give you something great to look forward to.


Plan A Trip Or Event!

If a holiday is a little out of your price range or desire, instead plan a day out somewhere you’d love to go.  I always plan something during the year on Christmas Day as it’ll get me through the drudgery of January and makes me feel as though there is something exciting coming. How about trying something new and booking a family festival, or even just a spa day – it’s your little Christmas present to yourself!


Resort To Alcohol!

If none of the above work, there is one very tried and trusted method!  Open the bottle of Bucks Fizz for breakfast and keep topping up as you go through the day.  The whole day will go by in a lovely haze.  Just be sure not to drink so much that you end up with a headache for Boxing Day – after all that definitely wouldn’t be relaxing!


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