11 Super Easy Half Term Crafts For Kids

The holidays are on us once again, and once again across the country the cry will arise – ‘I’m bored!’ It seems to echo on a regular basis here in the Newby household, and no matter what suggestions I give to them about what they could do (seems hoovering and helping mum clean are NOT good ideas in their heads!) they are always looking for something new to do. As regular readers will know – I am in no way, shape or form a crafty mum. In fact I avoid any form of craft as much as I can. However, I appear to be raising two VERY crafty kids! So I’ve reached out to some of my blogging friends, and bring you a round up of 11 super easy half term crafts for kids that require very little preparation and definitely NO GLITTER!

Ladybug Handprint Art

This super cute art is perfect for preschoolers but would also keep school aged kids occupied for a good long while. After all, which child doesn’t like to paint? It requires nothing more than some paint and something to paint on – and I’d suggest if the weather it good enough, this would be the perfect outdoor activity, followed by some water play to wash the paint off their hands. Bit of a win win if you ask me! Check out The Inspiration Edit for some other fabulous ladybug ideas.

Make A Dinosaur Habitat Box

We are MAD on dinosaurs in the Newby house – I’m pretty sure that Alex knows every single thing there is to know about dinosaurs – which means I do too! So he would absolutely love to spend the afternoon making a dinosaur habitat. Even better than that, this lovely project is made with things you’ll already have around the house – a perfect half term craft for the kids. Check it out over at Little Fish.

Unicorn Paper Weave Bracelet

If dinosaurs are Alex’s obsession – then unicorns are Estelle’s. She loves anything to do with unicorns and spends quite a lot of her time asking Alexa where unicorns live! Turns out Alexa believes in unicorns! Mrs Mactivity has some really easy half term crafts for kids ideas – and this unicorn bracelet one is a simple print and stick idea. What could be simpler? The kids can then spend a good few hours doing some beautiful colouring and you get a peaceful few hours to do, well, anything else!

Make A Mud Pie Target Shot

Now this is a perfect idea to get the kids out into the garden, enjoying the sunshine and getting a bit messy, but with the added bonus of requiring very little preparation from you. It won’t cost you a penny to make the mud pie target shot and you can absolutely guarantee that the kids will be occupied for hours shooting at the target. (I won’t be very surprised if you join in too!) Head over to Daisies and Pie to read up on how to make it.

Scrapbooking For Kids

If you fancy doing something that takes a little more resources, but will keep the children occupied for hours and hours, then you need to check out this great post by Little Miss Eden Rose. I loved scrapbooking when I was younger and I know that the children will love it too. They are both always looking for new excuses to make books and do some writing, so this would be right up their street!

Easy Peasy Origami Cats

Anything to do with paper craft is always high up on my list of go to easy half term crafts for kids. We seem to always have an abundance of paper, whether that be old newspapers, old leaflets or pieces torn from exercise book. This is a lovely idea from The Bear And The Fox and the kids could make a whole litter of cats and decorate them with pens and stickers. Perfect afternoon activity guaranteed to keep them busy for a good while!

Woodland Animal Crafts

With an empty cereal box, some paint and a few accessories, Blue Bear Wood shows you how to create these fabulously cute woodland animals. The kids would love to make them, and although it might require a bit of adult help at the beginning to show them how to create the animals, with a little bit of practise they’d definitely be able to make them by themselves.

Egg Carton Bird Masks

We often do baking in the holidays (another easy way to keep the kids occupied and to meet their ever demanding need for food!) so we quite often have empty egg cartons hanging around. I’ve never really been sure what to do with them, so I love this idea from Blue Bear Wood to turn them into bird masks. I could see that the children would take it even further and decorate them madly, which would keep them occupied even longer. Plus, how great for the environment that we are recycling!

Simple Sea Shell Puppets

Another fabulous easy half term craft from Blue Bear Wood this time using up all the shells that children love to pick up at the seaside. I could see this being a brilliant idea on the days following a trip to the beach when nothing else seems as exciting as making sandcastles and paddling. I love the fact that these lovely shells are made into puppets, and I think the children would love to put on puppet shows for me and their friends.

Painted Pebbles

If you are looking for the easiest, most budget friendly craft for kids going, then you can’t go wrong with painted pebbles. Painted rocks have been a bit of a craze for a while, but Fulled By Latte shows you other things you can do with painted pebbles, from games they can play to how to use the pebbles as story starters. Fantastic ideas, and super easy for the children to do.

Toilet Roll Ball Runs

The Family Ticket had a fantastic idea for a super easy craft just using toilet rolls! You take the inners of toilet rolls (obviously once the toilet roll has all been used!) and turn them in to an intricate maze for a ball run. They have even started to add extra pieces to theirs, including used yoghurt cartons. A brilliant idea where you can just give the kids the toilet rolls and other junk from round the house, and challenge them to come up with the best ball run they can. Hours of fun for them all!

Other Fantastic Easy Half Term Crafts For Kids

If you are looking for some more inspiration then you have to check out these fantastic ideas as well. There’s everything for children of all ages, to keep them occupied during the half term holiday – so you can get your craft on with the kids!

  • Raw Childhood has a wonderful Instagram page full of brilliant ideas and some videos to guide you through them.
  • The Queen Of Collage has a list of some brilliant bug ideas for kids.
  • Mrs Macactivity has a round up of some great ideas for the half term to keep the kids occupied.
  • If the kids are wanting to do loads of painting but you are beyond fed up with the preparation, then have a read of our review of Little Brian Paint Sticks – super easy to use and no mess!
  • If you are desperate to get the kids outdoors and doing things out of the house, then head over to our inspirational outdoor learning ideas.


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