As regular readers will know, we are all about the books here at The Newby Tribe.  One of the biggest things that upset me when the children came home was the lack of exposure they had been given to books of any type. They didn’t know any nursery rhymes, didn’t have a favourite book or character, and hadn’t been read any bedtime stories.  To say it broke my heart is an understatement. So from the… View Post

Around this time of year (or even the beginning of October in some stores) there are aisles and aisles of chocolates, biscuits and goodies, all being promoted as being perfect gifts for teachers.  Now, I know that teachers love to receive a little present at Christmas and it’s lovely to be able to show our appreciation for all of their hard work, but so many parents ask what the correct thing to buy is. So,… View Post

Day 14 of Blogtober and today we are talking all about novels! We love books in our house! Ever since I was tiny I would be found with my nose in a book – and we wanted to pass on our love of all things written to Little Miss and Little Sir.  When they first came home, they didn’t have any favourite books they could tell us about, and it was obvious that books hadn’t… View Post

35 years ago, when I was a small child, there weren’t as many toys around as there are today.  I remember a few from my childhood with very fond memories.  My pull along telephone, my tea set and my sewing kit are a few that stand out. Along with these, another favourite was my Fuzzy-Felt set!I loved my Fuzzy-Felt! The softness of the pieces, the ease of being able to build different worlds and the creativeness… View Post

Living in a new county has been eye opening for us.  For all of my life I have lived in the Home Counties, and really knew the area so well. We’d been pretty much everywhere and explored everything – nothing was new.  But when we moved up to Lincolnshire, suddenly there are exciting adventures everywhere!  We’ve been here for 6 months so far, but most of that time has either been Winter, or trying to… View Post