Last year we made the conscious decision that we weren’t going to take the children on a long haul family holiday. We had only been on one holiday previously with them, and in all honesty it had been a complete disaster.  However, almost 3 years later and we are seriously considering doing our first long haul family holiday, and to a place I’ve always wanted to visit – Mexico!  We have been doing some research… View Post

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on the 40 things I am planning to do in 2018 – my 40th year.  40 has always been one of those numbers that both terrifies and enthuses me. On the one hand – how on earth did I get to 40? But on the other, somehow 40 feels like I am now officially a proper grown up.  So, I am determined that this year I will… View Post

In 2018 I turn 40.  Yep, the big 40.  I’m not really quite sure how this has happened and how time has passed so quickly, but for me 40 is the BIG one.  For some people it’s 30, for others it’s 50, but for me…..40 is THE one.  The one where really I feel I should have got it all together.  When I’m officially a grown up (yes yes, I know I’ve been a grown… View Post

Today’s prompt for Blogtober, run by the lovely Hex Mum Plus One, is ‘quotes’.  After all, who doesn’t love a good quote! In fact I have a whole board on Pinterest just for my quotes! There are quotes for every conceivable circumstance, but I thought that I would share some of my favourites!  I love a quote that makes me smile and I love a quote which is inspirational – so what better than to… View Post

Phobias aren’t really a laughing matter.  But when I discovered that the prompt for Day 16 of Blogtober17 was phobias, I immediately started to think of the unusual phobias  I’ve ever heard of.  You know – the ones that make you say ‘Really? That’s a phobia??’.  It turns out that there are so many phobias that it’s pretty impossible to list them all easily.  After all, you can be afraid of anything – as these… View Post