So, if you have had a quick read of Day 1 of Blogtober, you’ll have an idea about today’s post. Day 2’s prompt is ‘Babies’.  As I’ve mentioned before (in fact in pretty much every post about my little tribe), Little Miss and Little Sir are adopted.  Back in September 2014 when we doing our first preparation groups (basically pre-natal classes but shorter), we were asked what ages of children we were hoping for. Having… View Post

Today I am delighted to have a guest post by the lovely Ranji from Tooting Mama.  Back when we first brought the children home, I came across Ranji’s blog. I was so relieved to read her posts and discover that what we were experiencing wasn’t unique to us – reading her blog made me feel a little less alone!  Ranji adopted her children a few years before us and when I mentioned that the children were discovering sibling rivalry… View Post

What feels like many moons ago, we were trying to decide whether we wanted to adopt a single child or siblings.  In our adoption preparation group, out of 15 couples, we were the only ones who had said that we ideally would like siblings.  Even though the Social Workers were keen to talk to us, they were also keen to tell us that adopting siblings could be hard work. There were so many issues that… View Post

In the 2 years since the children have been home (and in fact for the year before they came home), I think I read every book on adoption going. When you are pregnant there are a myriad of books you can read – every question you might have has an answer somewhere within these books. But when you adopt? Well, it’s almost as though you are entering a secret world where no one really tells… View Post

When we decided to adopt, I thought that I was a perfect ‘candidate’.  Why? Well… I had over 10 years experience working with children, loved my job and knew how to connect with them. I had been a Primary Headteacher as well as being the SENCo for a very short period of time, so I understood about special needs. We were planning on adopting school aged children, so I would know how to get the… View Post