I make school dress up days, kids’ crafts and those dreaded homework projects, easier for you!



Hi there and a huge welcome from me and my family to The Newby Tribe!


I’m Cherry, married to Paul and we have two lovely children, Estelle and Alex who completed our little family back in 2015.


But that’s not the story I want you to know!


Actually, for over 10 years I was a Primary school teacher, then a Headteacher of a fabulous Junior School based in Hertfordshire.  It was fun!  We’d have dress up days, send out requests for fun projects, have bake sales and competitions – lots of great ideas to enhance the learning for the children.  Any new and innovative ideas that came our way we embraced whole heartedly, sending home on an almost weekly basis fun ideas for homework (make a solar system over the weekend anyone??) – how much fun it was to see everything coming back into school.


That was until I actually became a mum!


Seriously!! What on earth is it with schools? Literally every week we are having to find a new costume for one or other of the children – recently we’ve had a request for the children to make an Easter garden each! I mean seriously??? What on earth is an Easter garden when it’s at home?


Just use Pinterest I was advised by many, MANY people! But the problem with Pinterest is that you actually have to have some creative juices flowing – and I have none! Nada!  So much so that when people gift my children art and craft items for birthdays, they pretty much end up in the cupboard that no one should enter.


The children ready for World Book Day!


So that’s when I realised that I can’t be the only one out there who isn’t a Pinterest parent, and just wants quick and easy ways to do those blooming projects with as little expense and stress as possible, and preferably looking as though the children actually made them themselves!


If that sounds at all like you then you are DEFINITELY in the right place! With my knowledge of what teachers are actually looking for when it comes to projects, and my quick hacks to get dress up days sorted with no stress – between us we can make it through the pain that is creativity in primary school and come out the other end – no glitter required!


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