Every year I find that the last thing I think about when considering Christmas presents are the stockings! Each person in the family, both big and small, get a stocking – but it’s the one area I feel a bit Scrooge about.  Last year, when I totalled up how much each stocking came to, it was nearly £40 each – and the stockings were filled with tat. You know – those bits and pieces that… View Post

We all have one in our lives.  Someone who pretty much has everything that they want or need. So when it comes to Christmas (or birthdays), it feels like an impossible task to find something that they might be pleased to open!  Not to worry – I’ve got you sorted!  From a cafetiere to keep him topped up with coffee, through a shaving subscription guide, and even something for the outdoor guy – here is… View Post

You’ve made it through the first half of term.  You’ve had your first Parents’ Evening, submitted your first set of data and survived several observations (at least!)  It’s only a few weeks until the Christmas holidays, and it dangles in front of you – so near but yet so far!  You feel utterly exhausted, wrung out and ready to drop – but there is still a few weeks to go – and they are some… View Post

In recent years I’ve noticed that there are more and more personalised gifts on the market. Not that long ago, the best you could do was to name a star, or to have a message engraved onto a bracelet.  Lovely ideas, but everyone was doing them!  However, this year I have come across so many great ideas for personalised gifts that I thought it would be a great idea to run a gift guide for… View Post

This time of year always drives me a little insane as I try to figure out what to buy Little Miss.  Part of the problem is that she is 7. Part of the problem is that we don’t tend to watch TV channels which contain adverts.  And part of the problem is that I want to buy her things that she will love but which will engage her brain, imagination and develop her skills.  In… View Post