Pinterest.  The platform that I have taken the longest time to get to grips with. I’m not sure what’s more depressing, the fact that I’m the last one on the bandwagon…or the fact that my mother got to grips with it before I did! For far too long I was confused by how to use it, how to search on it, why on earth I’d use it and so and so forth and whatever! It… View Post

Many moons ago, when I was a teacher, I had no issues at all about being more productive. Each morning I’d write myself a ‘to do’ list and work my way through it. Simples! As a Head it was even easier – write the list, sit at the desk, do the work – TA DA!  So when I considered working from home for myself, I couldn’t see that it would be any harder. Surely, you… View Post

So a few weeks ago I wrote about how we were working hard over here at the Tribe to lose that excess baggage we’ve been carrying around for nigh on 20 years now! I stumbled upon a diet that really worked for me (if you haven’t seen it yet, definitely check out my idiot’s guide on losing weight!) But, it then occurred to me that, when I was looking around for a diet, I’d have… View Post

This year I turn 40.  I am officially a grown up (yep, I maintain that until I turn 40 I’m still a youngster!). But I definitely don’t feel like I expected to when I turned 40.  I’m getting there – BUT – the one thing I was struggling to conquer was my weight!  I started putting on weight when I went to University over 20 years ago.  An abundance of cider and black (remember that?),… View Post

When I was a youngster, I never realised that it would take until I was almost 40 before I was able to buy my first home.  But then, I also assumed that I would get married quite early, have 2.4 kids and live in a semi detached house just up from where I grew up!  How things don’t pan out the way you think! Buying your first home when you already have a family, commitments… View Post