Why Summer Holidays are hard!

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This isn’t one of those blog posts! It’s not about how difficult it is to entertain children for 6 weeks (although it is!). It is not about how to fill time while the weather is doing it’s typically British thing (although it is!). And it’s not about how to juggle work and childcare (which I am incredibly lucky to not have to do at the moment, but it won’t be long in coming I think!) Nope, this post is to do with me and me alone, and was completely unexpected! So here it is – Summer Holidays are hard because it is so LONELY!

That was not something I expected to say. How can I be lonely with the children home with me all the time? We plan stuff – we’ve been out on trips to the zoo, trips to theme parks, trips to farms, trips to local play centres. Not only that but we’ve had plenty of play dates – at least one every few days. The kids have loved it – lots of time to run and play. We’ve watched several films, played loads of games and bounced on the trampoline (a lot!!). But…..I have been so lonely.

It turns out that, no matter how much I moaned about the school run (and moan I did – having to do the run 4 times at day just got a bit much towards the end), the value of having those 10 / 15 minutes a day chatting to other parents was absolutely invaluable. It’s only been the school holidays for 2 weeks, and already I miss the camaraderie of the school gate. I miss the opportunity to ask for advice, or to share the frustrations of the morning. I miss the couple of hours a day I had to grab a coffee with friends, to catch up on goings on or just to hang out and laugh together.

Don’t get me wrong – I am loving the holidays. I love the later mornings and the later nights. I love the freedom we have, and the ability to change our minds on what we are doing at the last minute. I love spending time with the kids – I can see how happy and relaxed they are not having to worry about school any more. There are so many benefits and I wouldn’t change that, but I really do miss adult company – company when there aren’t children demanding time, coffee when we can just chat and laugh without worrying about snack times and conversations that don’t revolve around managing small people’s friendships.

So, I’m going to enjoy the summer, enjoy the kids and enjoy the freedom, but I’m also going to look forward to September and being just a little less lonely!

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