The perfect summer trousers!

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I hate clothes shopping! With an absolute passion! I hate going into clothes shops, hate finding that most of the clothes in the size I want to wear don’t fit me and that the ones that do are uncomfortable. BUT…and this is a huge BUT…the thing I hate the most is I just can’t find my style.

I know I’m nearly 40 and I feel that by now I should have got it figured out.  I look at other people and they all seem very well put together. They are all wearing what I would call, age appropriate clothes, but somehow I just haven’t been able to get there.  I’ve lived in jeans since, well forever, and definitely am stuck in the ‘really can’t be bothered so will wear jeans, a camisole and a cardigan’ stage for about 20 years. However, thankfully things seem to be changing this summer.  I have discovered clothes I love, which are comfortable, look good on a 5ft 4in apple shape figure and make me feel like a proper grown up – finally!

So, here they are.  My new, most wonderful possession, wide leg trousers.  Not, I hasten to add, the type which taper at the ankle – no no no! They make me look ridiculously short and squat, which I don’t need any help with! These ones, on the other hand, are made of a lovely silky material which just hangs down perfectly from my waist giving the illusion that I am slimmer than I actually am (which I love by the way!)  They actually hang much more like a skirt which I was kind of looking for in the first place, and are incredibly comfortable and lightweight to wear.  I wore them out for the first time on Sunday and had so many compliments (which almost never happens to me) I came back delighted and went back to buy 2 more pairs in different patterns.

So finally I have my summer style sorted! It’s only taken 38 years – and I don’t even want to begin thinking about my winter style yet – I’m reckoning I can get away with a summer style until at least November (I might move to shoes rather than flip flops and throw a cardigan on but that’ll be it!)  So a huge thumbs up for the wide leg trouser – you have rescued this short, squat nearly 40 year old women from a summer of cropped leggings, cropped jeans and t-shirts! So thankyou!!


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