How to train your dinosaur!

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When Little Sir began to show an interest in dinosaurs, a friend suggested we try watching Andy’s Prehistoric Adventures which immediately became a huge hit in the family.  So when I received an email from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo saying that Andy Day would be running a Dinosaur training session at the zoo, I knew that we had to go!

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We arrived at the zoo early, and had an opportunity to look around Zoorassic Park before we went to the show.  Both Little Miss and Little Sir were so excited, and the dinosaurs lived up to expectations.  When we entered Zoorassic Park, the children were greeted by a Dinosaur specialist who handed them a Dino Field Journal, a pencil and warned them to not feed the dinosaurs.  Then we were off exploring.  We were able to get up close and personal with a whole range of dinosaurs ranging from the well known Stegosaurus and the terrifying Tyrannosauraus, through to the less well known Coelophysis and Dilophosaurus.  Both of the children loved the chance to get close to the dinosaurs and really enjoyed filling in their Dino Field Journey. 

At the exit to Zoorassic Park we could have had our picture taken while riding a dinosaur, got our faces painted, investigated the Zoorassic shop or bought a snack.  Although this is pretty standard when you leave any attraction anywhere, I was most impressed that all of these money spending areas were pretty well hidden, so it was quite easy to whisk the kids past them with the promise to go and watch the Sea Lion show while we were waiting for the show.

At 4pm we headed to the dinosaur arena where we queued for about 10 minutes before being let into the seating area.  There were lots of seats and it was easy for everyone to find a good spot.  Even those people coming in late were able to get a great seat because of the set up of the seats being on a hill.  There was a huge build up of excitement as the moment of dinosaur training got closer, and when it finally arrived it was well worth the wait!


We were introduced to several dinosaurs, including a baby T-Rex, and Andy encouraged the audience to join in with some of his dinosaur raps (the Allosaurus rap is very catchy and got stuck in my head for hours after.)  There was plenty of audience participation and Andy had both Little Miss and Little Sir engaged for the full 30 minutes (even through the sudden rainshower which appeared).  At the end of the show, the dinosaurs came back out to interact with the audience, and the children were allowed to pat them (cautiously of course, just in case!!).

All in all it was  a fantastic day out, and we will be heading back to the zoo over the holidays to walk around Zoorassic Park again as we are sure there are things that we missed.  If you have a chance to visit over the summer, do check it out!


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5 thoughts on “How to train your dinosaur!

  1. Mouse, Moo and Me Too

    This is so cool! I can imagine that the younger children would fully accept the dinosaurs as being real, but without the fear factor – looks like a brilliant trip out. I love a good zoo but haven’t been to Whipsnade yet, maybe I’ll engineer a trip “for the children”! #TwinklyTuesday

    1. cherrynewby

      Oh we would love to see Dinosaur Live – I’ve just got to get myself organised enough to book it! My littlest would be beside himself with excitement 🙂 x


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