A Day In The Life Of A Homeschooler

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We have been homeschooling for 4 weeks officially now and I occasionally get asked what we are doing during the day.  There are so many different types of ways of homeschooling, the traditional way with workbooks, unschooling where children learn through play and an in-between way.  As I am aiming for Little Miss to go back into school for Year 3, we started very much in the traditional way, using some workbooks and drawing on my years of teaching.  It has worked really well for us, and Little Miss has been making some fabulous progress.  However, now we are a few weeks in, we are adapting our days so that we can learn through play and doing as well as through traditional methods.

Each day looks a little different depending on how we are both feeling and how much energy we have.  In general, we always read a book, do some Maths and do some Phonics, but anything else is what comes up in the day. So some days we talk about electricity and wind turbines whereas other days we talk about how and why things melt.  I realised pretty quickly that although we could cover several topics in a day, it meant moving really quickly from one to another and not always ensuring that Little Miss was secure with the concepts.  So we have slowed down quite a lot and don’t move on until I feel that she is completely understanding what we are doing.  This has meant we have spent a long time on number bonds to 10, but it has really paid dividends now we have moved to number bonds to 20!

So this is what today looked like:


Puzzles!  I realised that Little Miss wasn’t particularly good at sitting down in one place and concentrating for an extended period of time.  She tended to flit from one thing to the next, so I thought puzzles might be a good idea.  In doing one puzzle we managed to learn more about team work, resilience, pattern matching, develop observational skills and have fun working together!


Baking! We were having one of our lovely friends over for a playdate and a coffee in the afternoon, so we decided to do some baking and made some delicious lemon muffins.  In this session we read the instructions, used weighing scales, talked about melting, learnt about how a hob, an oven and an electric mixer works, talked about food hygiene and talked about sharing.  A huge amount of learning and tasty to boot!


Writing. This was our final activity of the day.  Little Miss had asked if she could write a letter to one of her old school friends, and as we have spent the last 4 weeks concentrating on reading and maths, it seemed like a good opportunity to get some writing in.  A year ago, Little Miss was an emergent writer, so I was delighted with this letter as it shows how much progress she has made!

So that was our learning today.  Tomorrow will probably look very different and will be a bit more formal, but that will then be followed by a day out either on a nature walk or visiting a local site with Little Sir in tow.  We are really enjoying our home learning and I’m so pleased to see Little Miss grow in confidence and enthusiasm for learning.  Let’s hope it continues!

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6 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of A Homeschooler

  1. The Pramshed

    This is brilliant to get to know about home schooling. I’ve read quite a lot about it since I’ve been blogging but didn’t know how the day was structured. It’s good that you are taking time to understand your daughters needs and choosing the pace at which you home school. I hope it all pays off by the time she starts in year 3. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  2. My Petit Canard

    This is really great to see. I’ve often wondered what a day of home schooling looks like so its great to get a little bit of a peek into your days. Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondatys. Emily


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