Qwerkity : Unusual Gifts For Everyone!

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February is always a very stressful month in the Newby household.  Not only do we have to contend with what on earth to get for Valentine’s Day, it is also Mr N’s birthday.  I have to be honest and say that, every year, I dread February.  He never knows what he wants for his birthday, and I never know what to suggest he buys me for Valentine’s Day.  So when I was asked whether we would like to review some unusual gifts from Qwerkity, I snapped their hands off!  It seemed that, for this year at least, Valentine’s Day would be sorted. Qwerkity is a lovely company which sells unusual, practical and fun gifts for everyone, which fitted our bill exactly.  We don’t particularly like ordinary things, and are always on the look out for something just that little different.  We decided we would look through the website and pick one thing each which we could exchange for Valentine’s Day.

Qwerkity Storage Pods

OK, so this may seem an odd choice for a romantic present, but I was absolutely delighted when Mr N picked these great storage pods for me.  I love cooking and the children adore vegetables, but I’m always so frustrated by having half lemons, or half onions floating about in the fridge.  Not only do they make the fridge smell bad, but they go off super quickly and I hate waste!  So when these little pods arrived, I didn’t delay in putting them to great use.  I love the fact that they easily store half a vegetable, but not only that, I love the fact that each pod looks like the vegetable it is storing!  These little things really do make me smile!

Qwerkity Ninjabread Cookies

For Mr N, I went with a fantastic looking Ninjabread Cookie kit.  The play on words really appealed to me, and I knew that the kids would love making them with me.  I wasn’t wrong!  We all got stuck in. Little Miss read the instructions (which is a huge deal for her!). Little Sir helped me to decorate them at the end. The kit included pretty much everything we needed so it was easy to get going. I have to say, I’m pretty chuffed with how they turned out.  I was a little worried about using the piping back with royal icing, but it actually worked wonderfully.  Made me feel a little like I was in the Bake Off Kitchen!  Of course, the proof of the pudding is always in the tasting.  Considering the cookies didn’t last more than an hour, I think that tells us everything! It was such a great way to buy each other a little Valentine’s gift and have something a little different and a little qwerky!  I think we might be doing the same next year as well! If you are looking for fun or unusual kitchen gadgets, it’s definitely worth taking at look at Qwerkity for some great ideas and inspiration! Disclosure: We were sent the Storage Pods and Ninjabread Cookie Kit in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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