Quack And Field : Book Review

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Not only are we huge book lovers in the Newby Tribe, but Little Miss is also a great fan of sports of all sorts.  It appeals to her need to move her body and to get rid of some of her excessive energy!  So when we were asked if we would like to review a new series of children’s books called Quack and Field, all based around sports events, we jumped at the chance! I’m always on the look out for books which will appeal to the interests of the children and Little Sir is pretty easy to please.  However, I’ve really struggled with Little Miss.  Sports is something she is really interested in, but she has very little understanding of the huge variety of different sporting events that are available for her to try.  We had borrowed a few non fiction books from the library for us to read together, but they didn’t feel very appropriate for her age and attention span.  Having read a bit about the Quack and Field series I was excited to see if they would engage her both visually and imaginatively, and I’m so pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed! The first book we read was all about ‘Swimming’, and it had her interest from the moment we opened the book.  The illustrations are just wonderful! They are colourful and bright, and parts of the book reads like a comic strip, which is a very engaging for children.  The characters are fun to learn about, and I love the fact the book contains so many different types of text!  There are speech bubbles, fact files, labels, descriptions and questions which not only makes it great fun to read as it’s so engaging, but also lends itself to really talking about the story with the children.  Little Miss was enthralled.  She loved all the facts about the size of the swimming pool and the illustrations made her chuckle all the way through. The second night we read the next in the series about trampolining and were delighted to find that it is a very similar format.  Once again it was so engaging to read and if anything it was funnier than the first.  I really love the commentator character who fills the children in with what is going on – so much fun to read aloud! We had so much fun reading the two books in the Quack and Field series, and will definitely be looking to buy some more. I was really pleased to see that the next in the series will be Wheelchair Rugby, so it’s not just mainstream sports that the series will cover!  They are aimed at 3 – 7 year olds, and I can see that they would engage the whole age range at different levels.  As Little Miss is an emerging reader I hoped that the language would be simpler enough for her to understand, and it really is easy to read without being too simplistic! We are so pleased with our wonderful find – it’s always lovely to find a new series to read! The Quack and Field series can be bought from www.quackandfield.com for the price of £2.50 for one or £4.00 for both (plus postage and packing for £1.50 per order.) Disclosure: We were sent copies of the books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are our own.

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