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One of the benefits of homeschooling is that we are able to take advantage of quieter times at the cinema, and so currently our Friday afternoons are cinema times.  Mr N finishes early on a Friday so we head off for a lunch out and to see the latest release.  It has been quite recent that we have been able to go to the cinema as the children were a little young and didn’t have the concentration span, but in the last few months they are developing great interest in different films and beginning to understand story lines, so we are loving having family time together at the cinema.

Last week we went off to see Storks at our local Cineworld in Stevenage.  To be honest, I hadn’t really researched what the story line was before we went (although it doesn’t take a genius to work it out I guess) and I really really didn’t think  about whether this would be appropriate for our children bearing in mind their background, but thankfully it all turned out pretty well.

What’s the film about?

Essentially the film is about the Storks who, in their past, had delivered babies to families, but following on from one of the Storks losing the tracking device of one of the babies, the Stork population turned to delivering parcels instead of babies.  However, the factory which made the babies hasn’t been dismantled, and when, 18 years later, the factory is accidentally turned on again and produces an adorable (but unauthorised) baby girl, Junior (the top delivery stork) and his human friend (Tulip, the only human on the stork island) have a race against time to deliver her to her family before the stork boss finds out!

Now, in all honesty I normally fall asleep in films – in fact I can’t name one that I have sat all the way through, but this film was really engaging and I managed to see the whole thing! It’s a very easy watch with very few slow parts, which ensured that the children stayed engaged, and the story line is easy to follow.  There was also very little to cause any worry to little minds (and as Little Sir has recently become quite scared of a lot of things, I was very pleased about this!) Aside from this, it also has plenty of humorous scenes for adults and Mr N and I were chuckling through most of it.

I have to be honest that we have had a few fall outs from the film which I think are worth mentioning.  Firstly, Little Miss was a bit upset after the film because of the babies finding their mummies – as I mentioned above I really hadn’t considered the content before we went in, so she needed some reassurance afterwards.  Secondly, we have since been fielding quite a lot of questions regarding babies, where they come from, storks and whether if Little Sir writes a letter to the Storks he might have a baby brother!!!  That’s been a little tricker than we had thought!

However, all in all, as a family ranging from 4 to 42, we all really enjoyed watching it. The kids particularly loved how cute the baby was, and they loved the slapstick humour which is peppered throughout.  As adults, we really really enjoyed the wolves (I won’t add anymore but seriously they are funny!!!).  I would highly recommend this as a great family film to watch – and in fact we will definitely be buying it on DVD when it comes out as we rate it as one of the best children’s films we have seen in a while!

Disclosures: We haven’t been asked to review the film, we just really enjoyed it and think you might too!



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