Furry Friends Watches : A Fun Way To Tell The Time

At 4 and 6 both of the children are becoming much more aware of time.  They will often ask what the time is, or what time we are going out, or how much longer they have to play. Up until now we have just been telling them the time whilst being aware that these units didn’t really mean anything to them.  Little Miss did do a unit on Time when she was in school, but as she had so many basic maths gaps it really didn’t mean anything to her. Recently though she has made great advances in her basic maths skills. So when we were asked if we would like to try Furry Friends Watches, we jumped at the chance. When we had originally looked for watches for Little Miss a few months ago, we quickly dismissed all the ones out there. We wanted to find one which was fun and engaging rather than traditional.  We knew that Little Miss would struggle to engage with learning to tell the time unless it felt like an exciting thing to do. The Furry Friends Watches met this brief perfectly!

Furry Friends Watches

Furry Friends are the design product of Daniel and Elizabeth Daly. They wanted to create children’s products which were both fun and fashionable, and so created the world of the Furry Friends. Altogether there are six Furry Friends, each with their own personality, character, colour and face, and they even come with a back story! Each Furry Friend Watch features a different character, and a different coloured face outline, meaning it was easy to pick one which suited the children.  Little Miss received Zany, a bright yellow and blue cyclops with his tongue sticking out as he loves to blow raspberries – this story really made Little Miss giggle!  Little Sir received Kooky, who is a dark blue and green monster (his favourite colours) and who loves to breakdance, just like him! The children were immediately engaged with their new watches.  As soon as they saw them, they insisted on putting them on, and because of the soft green strap, they were able to put them on by themselves without needing adult help. They love it when they can be more independent.  For the rest of the day, we were instructed to ‘Ask me what the time is Mummy!’ every 5 minutes.  This was great as it meant we were able to talk to them about what each of the hands did, and by the end of the evening both children were able to tell us what hour it was with Little Miss becoming a little more confident in trying out the minutes as well.   We are really pleased with our new Furry Friends Watches – the children are feeling more grown up and eager to learn how to tell the time which is exactly what we wanted.  They are very engaged by the characters and the background stories, and Little Miss is definitely not seeing telling the time as another chore, but as a fun activity! Furry Friends Watches can be purchased for £12.99, but there is a special limited time offer of £8.99 per watch. Just enter voucher code monster1 (all lowercase) at the checkout until 18th December 2016.  You can purchase Furry Friends at www. furrytime.com or check out their Facebook page Furry Friends for more information. Disclosure: We were sent these watches in exchange for an honest review.  All views and opinions are our own.  

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