The Secrets of Happiness: A Book Review


Lucy Diamond has always been one of my favourite authors; her books are easy to read but with plenty of laughter and heart, and I often find I can’t put them down once I start reading.  So when I came across The Secrets of Happiness, I was delighted to find one I hadn’t read!  24 hours later I have finished it and loved it so much that I decided this book would be my first adult book review.

**This review doesn’t contain any spoilers!**

The Secrets of Happiness tells the story of 2 step-sisters, Rachel and Becca. Having been brought up together since Rachel was 9 and Becca was 2, the story investigates through thought flashbacks, what their combined childhood was like and how they both felt about the new family they ended up in.

We discover that, many years later, the sisters have gone on to lead very different lives. Rachel appears to have everything – happily married with three children and a great career which she loves. Becca, on the other hand, has been stuck in several dead end jobs, is living in a rented flat with a flatmate and hasn’t yet managed to find an OK man let alone Mr Right.

The story begins with the day that Rachel disappears, and Becca is called on to step into her sister’s shoes both with her children and with her job.  The story takes us on a rollercoaster of a ride discovering what happened to Rachel and the journey that Becca goes on discovering who her sister really is.

The Secrets of Happiness is a beautiful read.  It is uplifting, funny and leaves you with a warm glow.  It is the type of book that I just couldn’t put down, and even though it was 471 pages long and I was reading it at the weekend, I managed to begin it on Saturday evening and had finished reading it by mid afternoon Sunday.  If you haven’t tried a Lucy Diamond book before, the Summer holidays are a great time to try one of her novels. I promise that you won’t be disappointed!

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