Belton House – Our Playground Adventure

Since moving to Lincolnshire a few weeks ago, we have been determined to get out and about every weekend and find different exciting places to visit.  So far we’ve headed to new towns, been on bike rides and visited the seaside, but I decided I wanted to try something different. Whilst searching the net I realised that we are lucky enough to live in driving distance of lots of National Trust properties, and one, Belton House, was only a 20 minute drive from us.  Looking on their website, I read that they have a huge adventure playground – and that was us sold!

Belton House

Both kids love to be out and about and a playground would always be their first choice so it really was a no brainer that we decided to head to Belton House one Saturday. So well kitted out with warm clothes, shoes with good grips and waterproofs, we headed off to see what we could find. And I have to say, we were delighted!

Belton House is a beautiful, impressive Grade 1 listed country house near Grantham with stunning grounds, a huge adventure playground, a lovely little train and, most wonderfully, a huge herd of deer.  We had already checked and seen that, due to it being a winter period, the house wasn’t really open to the public, but that was fine with us as the children really just needed to be out and about in the fresh air, after spending such a long time indoors whilst we were moving house.

Getting to Belton House was really straightforward, as was parking which can always be a bit of a worry, but it was well signposted and there were parking guides in the grounds to help out.  When we arrived we were given a map of the grounds and the staff took time to explain where everything was. We were really impressed to find that not only was there an outdoor playground, there was also a soft play area with a cafe.  We made the decision not to visit this as I did want to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and really Mr N and I needed the exercise too!

The adventure playground was, in my daughter’s words ‘epic’!  It is huge!  As well as the usual slides and swings there is also musical instruments made from wood, climbing towers, wobbly balance bridges, bouncing tyres, a type of obstacle course and zip wires.  More than enough equipment to keep the children occupied for several hours.  We were also delighted to find a miniature railway that runs through the playground which we absolutely had to have a ride on.  Thoughtfully there is also a cafe in the playground serving snacks and hot drinks – exactly what was needed on a cold winter’s day.

Belton House

Having spent several hours in the playground, we thought we would take our chances on finding the restaurant, thinking that it would be manically busy as it was lunchtime. However we were pleasantly surprised to be able to find seats, and we spent about half an hour warming up and eating really lovely homemade cakes.  Just what the doctor ordered after such an energetic morning.  We had been told that the grounds were also home to a maze as well as formal gardens and shops, but, as we had decided to purchase National Trust membership, we made the decision to call it a day and head back there in a few weeks to do a little more.

(Oh, and it probably didn’t help that I had decided to have a go on one of the wobbly bridges and had fallen face first off it! So really my poor left leg and arm weren’t much in the mood for walking for longer!)

We had such a lovely morning at Belton House and will definitely be back for more.  We have since discovered that they have lots of activities there during half term for the children, so it looks like we have our first go to place!

We’d love to have more recommendations for places to visit in or near Lincolnshire that are a fun day out for a family! Do leave us a comment if you know of a great place to go!

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