Only 20 days to go then no more!!

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School blazer and bag on coat rack

It is now only 20 days to go until there is no more:

  • No more school runs – going to school 4 times a day has driven me slightly insane.
  • No more uniforms to wash, iron, wonder how there is gold paint on the cardigan, wonder why the polo shirts now look grey/white, figure out how to iron pleats into small skirts, ask myself what possessed me to buy a small skirt with a pleat etc!
  • No more homework! Well, no more homework which requires more from me than from the children.
  • No more sports days/assemblies/concerts.  I love watching the kids perform in these, but trying to schedule our days with both kids having different times for everything can be just a bit too confusing – I’m surprised we’ve managed to make it to everything so far.
  • No more school paperwork.  Have I paid for the milk/trip?  Have I handed in the permission slips? Have I got change ready to buy cakes on the playground/provide money for mufti days?
  • No more frustration that, even though the school is doing it’s absolute best, in some things they aren’t listening to me.  Yes, Little Miss really could use a Speech Therapist – and yes I am aware she is making outstanding progress but I know it could be better.  And yes, I know Little Sir is quiet in class, but he isn’t at home, and maybe someone could encourage him in school rather than accepting the quietness as just who he is.

I can’t wait for this to end.  I can’t wait for it to just be me and the kids during the days, exploring their interests, being together and enjoying everything about learning, rather than seeing it as a chore to be got through.  I just can’t wait!

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