My Life: Before And After Children

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So it has been about 15 months since I became a mum.  15 months of laughter, worry, anxiety, sleepless nights, dreams, excitement, tears, hugs, midnight cuddles, family days out and everything in-between. My life looks so different now to 15 months ago… BEFORE:
  • Work was pretty much my life for term times.  I would spend from 7.30 until 6pm working in school, followed by several hours at home afterwards. And I loved it! I used to say, teaching wasn’t my job, it was who I was – I loved being in a school, loved teaching and loved leading a school.
  • Weekends were times to recover.  Mr N and I would regularly get up late, lie around for most of the day, watch TV, have a takeout and probably go shopping (a lot!). We would see our family and a few close friends occasionally but not often. We weren’t particularly social – we were too tired from the week.
  • Holidays were all about finding a beach or a pool and lying next to it for a week – reading as many books as we could fit in, and occasionally hiring a car to see what else was out there.
  • We would eat out A LOT! I didn’t cook much so normally we would have a take out or go out to the pub.
And that was it! AFTER:
  • I am now a stay at home mum so my work is 24/7.  I spend my days tidying, picking up, cooking, sorting, organising, home schooling, washing  – and I love it! It took a while to get into the groove and understand what my job now was, but I wouldn’t change it for anything!
  • Weekends are time for fun.  I hold out for weekends when Mr N is with us and we can go and do and explore.  We never have a weekend just in the house – at the very least we are off walking in the forest or climbing trees.  But more often than not we are visiting friends, visiting family, going on expeditions, visiting theme parks, going to the cinema and anything else we can fit in.  We are so much more social than ever before – in fact during half term week we have something booked in every day!
  • Holidays are all about doing new things.  We want our children to experience everything they can, and we want them to go places they have never been before – so we stay in the UK, we don’t often stay away, but we go everywhere we possibly can! And we have discovered so many fun places to go together.
  • We rarely eat out – I cook pretty much every night and I  love baking with the kids.  We do occasionally go out for lunch as a family but more often than not when we are out and about we will pack snacks or a picnic so we can eat on the go.  It makes so much more sense than spending loads of money on food out.
Looking back over the months, I can’t quite believe how quickly and much we have changes as a couple now that we are 4 instead of 2.  Yes we are tired, and yes we do sometimes dream about heading off for an all inclusive break in the sun, but when we get up and see the delight on our children’s faces when they find out what we are doing or where we are going, those dreams quickly fade. After all, who needs dreams like that when the life we are living is what dreams are made of?
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2 thoughts on “My Life: Before And After Children

  1. rachelbustin

    Lovely post. I have just headed back to work after maternity leave and actually love the little break from being mum all the time. I’m a bit of a home bird and have enjoyed my Summer off at home, cooking, playing and a tiny bit of cleaning! xx


    1. cherrynewby

      I never thought I would say it, but I’m actually looking forward to going back to work! I will have been off for 2 years by the time I go back – I can’t wait to have a little time to myself and to be with grown ups all day 🙂 x


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