How to: organise a garden for the summer

So the summer holidays are finally here! We are all really excited, and hopeful that the lovely warm weather we have been having recently will hang around for a bit longer – so to that end I decided this morning that I really needed to reorganise the garden.  We only have a small garden and it really wasn’t working for us.  The children have lots of outdoor toys: a trampoline, bikes, scooters, balls, a bench and tables, water toys and so it goes on – and they tend to be spread around the garden which we then spend ages clearing every few days to try to restore some order.  Hopefully after my reorganisation this will be a thing of the past (well I can but hope :)).

Garden Organisation:

Toy shed in gardenA toy shed was the top of my list and now houses all of the outdoor toys – it’s big enough to hold a lot of toys (including a paddling pool!) but not so big that the children aren’t able to use it themselves.

Tent in gardenThere isn’t a huge amount of shade in the middle of the day, so we have bought a tent to give them a place to chill out in.  The plan is that blankets/cushions etc move out there on warm days so they can curl up and read/colour/chat without me worrying too much about the sun.

20160721_185651The kids were delighted to be given a trampoline as a joint birthday present from their grandparents, and it has been sitting in the middle of the patio since June.  I’ve now pushed it right back against the bushes which frees up space on the patio for adults to sit, and we’ve also filled it full of balls which were finding their way into every nook and cranny in the garden. So win win!

20160721_115310I love that the kids have just about enough space to ride their bikes and scooters but it was driving me slightly insane to be tripping over them the whole time.  So this morning, I had a brainwave! I discovered that chalk works really well on the walls of the house and is easily wiped off.  So I wrote a parking sign on the wall!  Reading and playing as one – perfect combination. Following on from my exciting(!) chalk discovery, I then added a Water Toys sign near the tap in the hope that they end back there after play has finished.


Finally I got out their old plastic bench with seats.  It’s recently been used as a dinosaur excavition site (hence the chalk all over the top) but I thought this would be a perfect place once cleaned up for Little Miss to do her colouring or Little Sir to read his Star Wars books.

So there you have it.  Our garden is ready for the excitment of Summer.  Between us we are going to get going on weeding and pruning which will be another fun activity as the kids love to do gardening with me.  All we have to hope for now is some more sun!

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