Blogging And The Power Of Procrastination

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I wrote the title for this blog a few days ago – I wasn’t really feeling like writing the post at the time! So I procrastinated – and then when I came to write it today I had to think for ages about what on earth I was planning on writing! It would have been so much easier to have written it when I had thought of it. And that is really the point I am making. I have found that, since beginning my blog, my powers of procrastination have become so much stronger. Obviously, being a parent blogger,I have kids, and they definitely are at the top of my list of why I have to procrastinate. Or do they? Well I’ve spent the week noting down when I procrastinate to see how much of it is to do with the kids. Here are my top 5 procrastination moments.
  • The new Sainsburys/Waitrose/John Lewis/M&S Christmas adverts are showing on TV. So obviously I have to stop blogging to watch them, and then of course to look on FB or Twitter to see what other people think about them! (In case you’re interested – not keen on the John Lewis one, but cry every time the M&S one appears!)
  • I suddenly realise that I haven’t tested out Amazon Prime One Day Delivery service – which I have to do immediately in case I forget (actually not sure I NEEDED a new rucksack delivered  in a day but still!!)
  • I remember that the cat litter needs changing. Well, it will need changing in a few days, so it makes sense to do it while I think of it!
  • As we are moving in a few months it’s probably a good time to start packing – and this seems to take the form of going through drawers I haven’t been into for a while and discovering some great toys the kids haven’t played with yet.  So, obviously we have to spend time investigating – I’m just being a good mum!
  • The kids ask for a story in the middle of the day.  Then they ask to visit the library – now this sounds like a very good use of our time, and I’m always up for more reading in our lives.
So, really, the kids don’t appear to take up too much of my time and I definitely can’t blame them for me not getting blog stuff done.  It seems as though I can procrastinate all on my own! Well must get on – I’ve got a few blog posts to write tonight, but first I definitely need to watch ‘Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ because, well you know, it’s important to be up with the happenings of the day! Do you find yourself procrastinating by doing things that really aren’t important? Please tell me it’s not just me!
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