Why Being A Social (Media) Butterfly Is Bad For Your Health

I have a confession to make.  I am a social media butterfly! Which is odd, because in real life I am as far from a social butterfly as it’s possible to be unless you live in a hole in the ground.  I’m not great at meeting people I don’t know. I have to gear myself up to go on night’s out with new folk, and I’m definitely not one for parties. But when it comes to social media – I’m flying high!

Let me clarify for a second though.  When I say a social media butterfly, I don’t mean that I’m all over social media like a rash – making friends and connection. Oh no – in fact it’s the complete opposite!  I mean that I just can’t settle on one site.  Somehow, something in me makes me flit from site to site, sifting through information here, reading snippets there – and getting absolutely nowhere.

Does it really matter though??

Well, considering my aim is to be a full time blogger and for this to be my full time work, then yes!  The theory is that you work hard and smart.  You know when to plug what posts on what social media sites to get traffic.  You use social media to make connections, find tribes and build friendships.  Hmmm, I use social media to wish I was joining in with other conversations, hover in the background in case I look pushy, and desperately yearn after the ability to take stunning photos.  So I flit.  I jump from one site to the next, never really settling.  I don’t have a plan or a strategy – and then I wonder why my followers aren’t growing.  It’s depressing and sad. I know what I’m supposed to do – I just can’t do it.

BUT….it’s becoming bad for my health.  I’m finding that I can no longer read anything longer than about 140 characters (and this is from someone who was an avid reader not that long ago). My eyes are constantly jumping from one thing to the next, never really taking anything in, which is unbelievably stressful!  At night, I find myself dreaming about using Twitter or Facebook – definitely not an interesting dream!!  It’s exhausting!

So…I’ve devised a plan.  It’s not a great one, more of a back of an envelope one – but surely any plan is better than none!

  1. Allocate a certain amount of time each day to each site that I’m currently using.  Not long – perhaps 30 minutes – but don’t flit off it!
  2. Engage, engage, engage!  Be social – not a hoverer!
  3. Above all, turn it all off at 9pm at night – to give myself time to stop before bedtime.

See, not clever, not great, but simple and doable! So wish me luck – let’s see if I an become more of a social butterfly in the true sense than a social media butterfly, constantly hitting the windows and getting nowhere!

Have you found yourself in a similar situation? Any great tips on how to manage it?? I’d love to know.

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