Silver Linings #1: Our Newby Moments

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In my family I am known as the person with the silver lining.  No matter what happens, I can always, literally always, find a silver lining for it! Got a cold? Well how great that you get to spend time curled up on the sofa watching rubbish TV!  Email been hacked? Well thank goodness you found out before it became so much worse.  Lost your job? Well, you really weren’t that keen on it, and what a great opportunity to find and do something better!  Irritating? Well it definitely can be and I absolutely see that.  However, I have always been a glass half full kind of person, so I thought I would write a weekly post on the silver linings for this week!
  1. Little Sir began Reception school this week.  I had been hoping to keep him off for another year because he is a summer baby, but he was so ready to be in  school and to be mixing with children of his own age.  The only problem is, I really didn’t want him to go – he’s only been mine for 18 months and I can’t really bear to be away from him – but, as we do, I did the best thing for him and sent him.  Silver Linings? This has so many silver linings.  Little Sir has already made huge leaps in his learning and it’s only been a week!  It’s also been lovely having time at home with just Little Miss – and the quiet – oh the quiet!! Utter bliss!
  2. Our fridge in our new house is really teeny weeny.  Quite possibly the smallest fridge I’ve ever come across.  It was so hard to figure out what we were going to do – we definitely couldn’t keep the cans of drink in there as well as food!  Bit of a tricky one! Silver Linings? Well, I’ve discovered how great it is to only buy exactly what we need and to make sure that we use up the food we have.  No more buying a huge weekly shop and then throwing most of it away at the end of the week!  To be fair we have had some slightly weird combinations (egg, bacon, baked beans and pizza anyone??) but I’m pretty sure we are saving a whole heap of money too.
  3. Our new house doesn’t really have a whole heap of storage in it.  Our last house had so many nooks and crannies and we managed to fill them all.  When the removal lorry arrived at the new house, we were all in a bit of a panic as to where to put everything! What a nightmare!  Silver Linings? Well, turns out that this has been a really good time to declutter.  We’ve put so many boxes of stuff in the garage that we really don’t need in the house, and we’re not missing any of them! The plan is to bin it all in 6 months if we haven’t needed it.  What a result!!
  4. It’s been bitterly cold on the morning walk to school.  We’ve never had to walk to school before as it was always a bit too far, but we really can’t justify driving the car for a 15 minute walk here.  Little Miss and I are coming back home frozen pretty much every day – and Little Sir is always dragging his feet at the end of the day.  Silver Linings? Well, it’s pretty great that every day I am now managing to get a 60 minute walk in.  I live such a sedentary lifestyle and I know that  I need to move more, so what a perfect way to fit it in.
  5. The school playground.  I was dreading the school playground.  I hate feeling like the new kid back at school, everyone looking at you and not smiling.  How do you suss everyone out? Will anyone ever talk to me? It’s so hard!  Silver Linings? Well, it turns out that at the new school, the parents aren’t really into chatting with each other.  There are two classes that come out together, and parents stand on a huge playground in their own little bubble, waiting for their offspring. It’s utter bliss! I’m now loving the school run.
So there you have it – my silver linings for this week.  Have you got any silver linings from the past week? I’d love to hear any of your silver linings!
The Pramshed

4 thoughts on “Silver Linings #1: Our Newby Moments

    1. cherrynewby Post author

      I have to say that I do drive people slightly nuts though – really sometimes they would prefer if I sympathise rather than finding the lining :). x

  1. The Pramshed

    That is a fab way to look at everything we think is negative in life, and to see the positive side. My silver lining right now is that my train to work is delayed, but it’s allowed me the time to catch up on commenting. Thanks for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

    1. cherrynewby Post author

      Aww, that’s a great silver lining! Sometimes I have to stop myself finding the linings as it really does irritate others when really they just would like a bit of sympathy! Which I get, as I hate when someone finds a silver lining when all I really want to do is wallow 🙂 x


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