Scheduled Tweets : Why I’m Limiting Mine!

A few months ago, when I first began blogging, I was struggling to keep up on social media.  I couldn’t work out how to be in 10 places all at the same time. So many things were baffling me – why did people keep following/unfollowing on Instagram? How did repinning other people help me on Pinterest? Wouldn’t my friends be fed up with me constantly sharing on Facebook? And, finally, how on earth was I to keep up on Twitter?? In all honesty, most of these questions haven’t been answered, but I am working through them.  However, I was delighted to find that I was about to schedule tweets on Twitter! Scheduled tweets?? What a brilliant idea!

If you are me, several months ago, then a scheduled tweet is basically a way to be online when you are offline! There are several programmes you can use to do this, and I went hell for leather with it via SocialOomph.  I want to make it very clear from the outset that I actually love SocialOomph – it has made my life SO much easier!  The basic premise is, you pop a tweet into SocialOomph, schedule when you want it to be tweeted, and SocialOomph does it on your behalf.  Boom – scheduled tweets!

Once I got the hang of it, I was scheduling my tweets every which way.  Every blog post was scheduled 20 times every 8 hours.  Then, as many of my posts are evergreen, I was then rescheduling them every 3 or 4 days, FOREVER!!  Yep, forever!  I think, at the height of my scheduling, I had every single blog post I’d ever written being scheduled at some point or another.

scheduled tweets

So…why change?

Well, in the last few days, a few things have occurred to me.  When I look through my stats, very few of my scheduled tweets are actually driving any traffic to my blog – and surely that was the whole point in the first place! Secondly, when I took a look at my feed it was just full of self promotion.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with self promotion – in fact if you aren’t promoting yourself then no one else is going to do it for you.  But I think that it is possible to go overboard on it.  I’m not an avid Twitter user, I perhaps pop on a few times a day, and often don’t put any extra tweets on. So essentially my tweets were just like a noticeboard for my blog and that was it!  It doesn’t really hit what social media is all about – being social!

So I’ve made a change.  I took the radical step (for me!) of deleting my Twitter account from SocialOomph and then reactivating it.  This was the fastest way to clear all of my scheduled tweets! And I’ve started again – only this time I’m planning on being much more social about it!  Will I still do scheduled tweets? Definitely! It’s a great idea and does mean that I’ve always got something on going out from my account.  However, I’m going to be much more discerning with the content I put out. After all, content is King – and who wants to just see scheduled tweets from a person? I figure if I don’t like it, then others don’t too!

Do you schedule your tweets? Let me know in the comments if you have found a successful balance between scheduled tweets and actually being on there live!

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