Oh Christmas Tree! Blogmas Day 3

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Last year we bought literally the world’s worst Christmas tree!  We have had a real Christmas tree for several years, so couldn’t see any reason why it should be different.  Well, it turned out that the difference was allowing a 3 year old to pick the tree! Not a mistake I will ever do again.  I spent the whole of December looking at our seriously deformed tree (which had TWO trunks – one big one and one oddly little one) and feeling pretty miserable about it.

Christmas Tree

So this year we decided that, as we are moving house on the 28th December (I know! Who moves house during Christmas week??) we would buy a fake tree.  Oh am I glad.  We now have a tree that looks rather pretty, isn’t too big or too bushy, and doesn’t take up all the space in the living room.  I’m also not going to have to spend the last 2 weeks of December worrying that it will be dead before the big day and frantically feeding it with water to no avail.

I was also smarter with the decorations this year.  Instead of letting the kids go at them willy nilly, I only brought down decorations that would ‘sort of’ go on the tree.  We haven’t really got a theme (I’m not particularly good with colours) but at least it isn’t a huge eye sore.  In fact it very much reminds me of the tree I had as a kid, which is a lovely sense of nostalgia.

The kids loved helping us build and decorate it, and then managed to spend the next few hours in the box it came in, pretending it was a boat.  That was until Mr N pointed out that we would need to box intact to store the tree in again, at which point they were persuaded out of it!

Christmas has started really nicely this year.  We are all feeling in the festive spirit and are off to visit Santa Claus tomorrow.  What a difference a year makes!


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