New Years Resolutions From The Newby Tribe

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So here we are – the end of 2016.  I have to say that this is one year that I have really enjoyed. Many times I look back and feel glad that we are at the end of a year, but not this time.  I feel that we have accomplished some huge things in 2016, so for a change my reflections are really positive.  But I’m also excited to move to 2017. It always feels like such fresh start – a bit like the first day of school! So here are our New Years Resolutions:
  • Mr N is going to make a huge success of being up in Lincolnshire.  It’s really important that he enjoys his job as we all feel it when he is stressed or worried. So he is determined to make this move really positive for all of us.
  • As a family we will explore our new surroundings.  Having lived in Herts for 5 years we have explored most of the easy to reach places, but moving gives us so many more places to go. We already have a huge list of places to visit and can’t wait to get started.
  • We will buy our own house! It’s been years since I owned a house, and Mr N never has.  This is a really big resolution but it will mean so much for the whole family. The kids are super excited to help with the painting and decorating!
  • Little Sir is going to school and hopefully we will see him more settled and happier. He has struggled with remaining in his outdoor nursery and is ready for the structure of school. I also can’t wait to help him with his reading and watch his learning blossom!
  • Little Miss is going to continue working hard at home with me before going to school in September. That will be such  big step for her and will be her 4th school in 4 years which is not great. This is why I’m so determined to get it right for her and hopefully give her the love of learning!
  • As for me? Well, I’m hoping to make a real success of blogging. I”m having so much fun and have learnt so much in the 6 months since I started my blog.  I’ve promised Mr N that I will go back to work in September if this doesn’t pan out – but in my head I’m determined to make a success of it.
  • I guess that biggest resolution of all though is for us to continue working hard to grow as a family. We have come so far since July 2015 when the children came home, but there are still some mountains to climb but I know that, as long as we are together, we can scale any mountain in our way!
So there you go – our New Years resolutions for 2017.  They are all pretty big and will all make our family happier and healthier which I reckon makes for good resolutions! Has your family make any big New Years resolutions for 2017? We’d love to hear them.

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