Kids’ TV – Do You Love It Or Loathe It?

Until 15 months ago I literally had no idea about what constituted kids’ TV today.  Back in my day (gosh now I feel really old!) the pinnacle of TV viewing was Why Don’t You?, Thundercats, Jackanory, Morph, Button Moon, Bagpuss and the odd cartoon.  I’m really not convinced that any of them were particularly educational but then the TV wasn’t on all that much and with only a few channels it didn’t run back to back TV shows like it does today.

So imagine my shock when I was launched into TV shows aimed at preschoolers! I didn’t even have the gentle lead in with baby programmes (although I actually think I might have cried if I had had to watch Teletubbies or the like!) and, as the responsible person in charge (the word responsible is doubtful at times!) I had to make decisions about what the children watch when the TV is on.

15 months later I definitely have my favourites to have on – and I definitely have my hates! Kids' TV


Blaze and the Monster Machine: – Talking monster machines educating children about maths? What’s not to love? The most recent episode we watched was all about volume, and inspired Little Sir to want to play in the bath with different sized jugs – just brilliant.

Octonauts: – This is one of my personal favourites! When I was first introduced to it by a book Little Sir brought home from school I was completely baffled.  GUP-A, GUP-B, talking vegetables? Seriously? But when I was eventually persuaded to sit and watch an episode I was hooked.  How fabulous to have a programme which teaches children about marine life.  I have learnt more from Octonauts than I ever did at school about marine life!

Wally Kazaam: – A troll like creature who uses a stick to magic up words and items! A fab way to introduce phonics and sounds to preschoolers – Little Miss sits mesmorised in front of Wally Kazaam, joining in guessing the words!

Go Jetters: – I’d been wondering how to teach Geography to Little Miss – I’d tried using Google Earth and using a regular atlas, but I needed something a bit more interesting and discovered Go Jetters.  In each episode the Go Jetters head to a different country and city, and look at famous landmarks! So far we have visited the Great Wall of China and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Peppa Pig: – She absolutely has to come first!  My biggest bug bear with Peppa is how incredibly rude she is.  Little Miss used to watch this a lot at her Foster Carer’s and when she first came home she would call people ‘naughty little piggies’ which was obviously NOT great!

Paw Patrol: – Little Sir loves Paw Patrol but I really struggle with it.  I understand that the pups spend their time solving problems and using team work, but I find it really repetitive and the music drives me nuts!

In The Night Garden: – I understand that this is for younger children but occasionally Little Sir asks for it.  The thing is, any programme where one of the stories revolves around the Tombleboos losing their trousers on the Ninky Nonk is questionable in my book! How anyone watches this without a glass of wine in head baffles me!

I’m quite happy for the children to have a bit of TV in the house, but whilst they are still young, I do want them at least to watch programmes that have a bit of substance to them! What are your loves or hates when it comes to kids’ TV?

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