Christmas Eve Box: Do You Do One?

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When we were small, we always had a tradition on Christmas Eve. We’d always be allowed to open one present and, no matter how well we chose, it always seemed to be brand new pyjamas! Even though we would have really liked a toy, actually going to bed in our new pyjamas just added to the excitement of Christmas.  So, I knew that, when Little Miss and Little Sir came home, that we would continue this tradition with them.  However, when I started to look into it a little more, it turns out that our basic tradition has now turned into something just a little bigger. The Christmas Eve Box! The Christmas Eve box is essentially a box of goodies designed to both get the excitement of Christmas going, but also to help settle children on Christmas Eve when they are bound to be hyper and super excited.  The box can include so many different things, but most people include:
  • New pyjamas – you can’t go wrong with these and there really is nothing better than going to bed in new pyjamas.
  • DVD – always a good plan on Christmas Eve.  A family film is guaranteed to keep everyone entertained and hopefully calm down any super excited children (and grown ups!)
  • Reindeer food – sometimes a carrot but this could be small bags of sparkly oats to sprinkle on the lawn so Rudolph knows where to land.
  • Board games – another great idea to keep everyone entertained for a hour or two in the evening. It could be a family one, but could also be one just for the kids, giving the adults time to put final finishes to food for the big day.
  • A Christmas story book – a lovely way just before bed to get everyone in the festive mood.
In reality though you can really add anything you know that your children would love, be that sweets, a new cuddly toy, an activity set or even a letter from Santa. There could be a tendency for the Christmas Eve box to get bigger every year but we keep ours quite simple and include: new pyjamas, The Muppets Christmas Carol DVD, The Night Before Christmas story book and reindeer food.  We always have the same DVD and the same book, and put them away on Christmas Day to save for the next year, so we only have to buy the pyjamas and make the reindeer food! As for the box itself, you can buy elaborate wooden boxes with your children’s names engraved on it, but it works just as easily to use a shoe box or cardboard box.  We just us a cardboard box and wrap it up in Christmas wrapping paper so it looks all festive.  The story goes that the box is delivered by their Elf on the Shelf (Ellie), who leaves us on Christmas Eve, and leaves the box outside the front door when it becomes dusk.  The children really look forward to it, and it definitely helps to contain the excitement for the next day! Do you do a Christmas Eve box or do you have another tradition to help calm the children down on Christmas Eve? We’d love to hear what your traditions are. Diary of An Imperfect Mum