Someone forgot to give us the handbook!

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We were so lucky, almost 12 months ago, to be able to complete our family with Little Miss (now 6) and Little Sir (almost 4).  That was when our adventures began! So far, we have discovered the following about being parents:

  1. 7.30am does exist on a Saturday and Sunday!
  2. Legoland is so much more exciting with two small children.
  3. You can never have too many wipes in the house/car/handbag/rucksack.
  4. When going out, add at least half an hour to the desired start time to cope with lost toys/toilet negotiating/ coat wearing etc.
  5. Toys multiply over night and somehow move to always being underfoot.
  6. Lego hurts (standing on it, sitting on it, leaning on it!!)
  7. A sandpit in the garden sounds like a great plan but sand is incapable of staying in one spot.
  8. The much loved soft toy always disappears at bedtime and is only found about half an hour of frantic searching.
  9. It was relatively easy to look after two people’s belongings – it’s impossible to keep track of 4.
  10. Life is so much better with two small people in our lives!

You’ll see in our blog that we don’t have any front facing photos of the children as we’ve decided to leave it up to them, when they are old enough, to decide how much of themselves they wish to share with the world!

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