Moving House At Christmas : Are We Mad?

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A few months ago, myself and Mr N sat on the sofa and discussed whether it would be feasible for us to move 100 miles away from Hertfordshire, up to Lincolnshire. We went back and forth on all the pros and cons, and made the decision that it could be nothing but a great move for our little family. Plans were made, cogs put into motion and arrangements sorted. Three months later, we are now in the middle of moving house at Christmas! The question I have been asking myself every day is ‘Are we mad?’.

Back in September we had thought that we would probably move towards the end of January. That felt pretty reasonable to me. There was time to get things arranged, give the children time to be OK with is, chose a nice house to rent and make all the needed arrangements to our current house. As we are renting both houses, it seemed as though it would be quite straight forward. So I was feeling super calm. How utterly wrong was I! Since then, these things have happened:

  • Mr N’s job came about a little faster than we expected.  He had been staying away from home one night a week and not arriving home until after the children’s bedtime most nights. It was definitely becoming untenable.  Little Sir was becoming more and more unsettled, and I was completely done with having the children on my own 24/7.  This made a move pretty urgent.
  • Little Sir was really finding his outdoor nursery hard to handle. I had decided a few months ago to hold him back a year as he is a summer baby.  It’s a decision I am now really regretting.  Although I made it with great intentions, Little Sir is ready for school and ready to be with children of his own age.  So I decided I really wanted him to start school in January – another reason to move pretty quickly.
  • As we have 2 cats, it can be really hard to find somewhere to rent – especially in the area we wanted with enough bedrooms.  When the perfect house came up we knew we just had to go for it – regardless of when!
  • Mr N was able to negotiate a relocation package with his work (unexpectedly). This really gave us the impetus to move and took a lot of the financial worry off our heads.

With all of these things together, it meant that our moving date became closer and closer to Christmas.  So now, we are where we are – moving house at Christmas.

I made the decision that we would have one last Christmas in this house. It is so important with our children to keep things as calm as we can. Little Sir is already pretty worried about moving and they are both needing a huge amount of reassurance that we are all going together with all of our belongings.  So moving house just before Christmas would be a complete nightmare for them.  They are enjoying remembering our last Christmas in this house and so know how the day is going to pan out.  I wasn’t prepared to take this away from them! So we decided to move house the week after Christmas.

I’m sure it will all be fine.  We have everything in place – but it is so hard to be planning Christmas with all that goes with that, with the knowledge that 2 days later we have to pack up our house and move 100 miles. Away from family, away from friends, away from our support group.  I do know that it will all come together and we will have a wonderful new life.  But really – I can’t wait until it’s over!

Have you ever moved house at Christmas?  How did it go?

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