Elf On The Shelf – Terrifying Or Cute?

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Last year was the first year of us being a family of 4 for Christmas.  Little Miss was 5 and Little Sir was 3 so we assumed that they would understand Christmas and fully embrace it.  How wrong could we be!  Aside from us not really appreciating how terrifying the idea of a big fat man appearing down your chimney can be, the other thing they hated was our Elf!

For anyone who doesn’t know what the Elf On The Shelf is all about – basically you have a toy elf which arrives on the 1st December and stays until Christmas Eve.  The premise is that they will report back to Santa about the children’s behaviour.  However, over the month the Elf also gets up to mischief which the children love.  Except….mine really didn’t love it!

Ellie The Elf duly moved in on the 1st December, and to begin with all was well.  They loved the idea of having a visitor from the North Pole.  However, we hadn’t really banked on the fact that the children are full of questions:

How did the elf get here?  Well, magic of course.

How does she get back to the North Pole every night? Ummm, still magic.

How can she move when she is a toy? It’s definitely magic!

And so on and so on and so on.  There is only so many times you can tell the children ‘it’s magic’ before they start to look bemused and a bit worried.  Things that can’t be explained can be fun to some children, but for adopted children the issue is that you can’t explain it!  They have been through so many things that can’t be explained that having yet another one is very stressful.

The next issue we came upon was the behaviour of the Elf.  Now, I had fully embraced the Elf On The Shelf.  I had researched things we could do and was so excited to see the children’s faces every morning.  After about the second morning of them both crying when they saw the Elf, I was quickly regretting it!

We had tears because the elf was reading one of Little Sir’s books and had ‘stolen’ his toys. Tears because they didn’t want snow in the house! Tears because they knew it was wrong to draw on fruit.  Oh my goodness did we have tears.

So this year I had a long chat with Mr N about whether Ellie should return.  The children are older so we thought that they might enjoy her a bit more, but I’m not willing to return to them crying and upset every day. So, Ellie has returned.  But….this year she is being very good!  She has written letters to them (which they are loving reading) and will only appear in different places each night without getting into any mischief.  Does it take away the charm? Actually no! If anything else it has taken the stress off me of trying to figure out what new mischief she would get up to.

After all a bit less stress at this time of the year can be nothing but good!  Do you have an elf? I’d love to know how your children reacted to it when it first arrived!


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4 thoughts on “Elf On The Shelf – Terrifying Or Cute?

  1. The Aloha Mummy

    All for less stress! We don’t have an Elf but we do have pixie doors dotted about the house on the skirting boards which are permanent fixtures. Randomly throughout the year little gifts may appear outside a door celebrating an achievement or occasion. (It also provides easy access to the Tooth Fairy who leaves a trail of glitter en route to the bedrooms!). during December the Pixies leave a wooden advent door calendar by the fire and each morning there is a teeny gift for each Twin. This morning was shiny 5ps for the 5th. It can be anything…a button, a chocolate coin, a decoration for the tree etc. It’s just nice to add a little more magic and our Twins have loved it!!

    1. cherrynewby Post author

      Oh I love this idea!! We did have one fairy door during the year but it ended up falling off the skirting board and breaking and we haven’t managed to replace it as yet. Love the idea of having several dotted around and what a great idea to have a pixie arrive each night to bring a little something for the children. Just fabulous! x

  2. My Petit Canard

    What a good idea! I’d never really thought about making the little Elf visitor a very well behaved, helpfully little Elf before. I’d always thought and bought into the concept that it was a naughty little Elf, but who says you cant mae your own rules right! Personally I’ve alway found Elf on the shelf eering on the side of creepy and have never really bought into the concept, but it does seem to be something that is catching on! Glad you found a way for you to make it work for your family 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily


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